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All covers require a payment of a permanent follow and a credit in the description of your story

(I now use a different laptop and unfortunately I lost all of my previous graphics. I am sorry in advance)


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Name Of Your Book:

Any Subtitles?

Author Name:

Any Pictures You Want Used?

Color Scheme:



Name Of Your Book: Deal with the Devil

Any Subtitles? —

Author Name: Michelle du Toit

Any Pictures You Want Used? - like these -
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Color Scheme: red + black with some green

Other: I’d like it to be simple, but also be eye catching…the cover also doesn’t have to be dark themed, it is a romance


Thank you! Should be finished in 1-3 days.


Yay!! Thanks!!


Name: Murderborne
Subtitles: Nah
Author name: Awgawin Firesnap

Pictures: So if you want a reference for the main character (I don’t have a google photo) I can send you a sketch. All I have is this. If you could chop out the background and just keep the sword, awesome.


Please also have the sword pointing straight down if possible. Thanks.

Color Scheme: Blood Red, Sky Blue, Yellowish-Green

Other: So I kind of see the sword in color laying out on a grey scale sky, just sort of floating. I have no idea how photoshop/ whatever program works, but that would be great. The colors I mentioned I would want to have used four the title and name, blending into one another. I would also like the font, as this is a fantasy novel set back in the day, to be a bold font, like something you’de see on a ye olde sign. Hopefully I’m not being too picky! Thanks for existing. I’ve been constantly rejected for cover making, and I hate the one I have right now, because it has nothing to do with my book.


well, i have to say that my mother languaje is spanish but i need help with this, please help me.
name: deidades
subtitles: el renacimiento de una leyenda
author name: JDP
color scheme: black
other: I would like the image to be in the center and at the “feet” of it the title and subtitle