If you wanted to play around with the free space on the back, you could use reviews? Or place the other books in the series? Either way, CROWS AMONG DOVES and Crows Among Doves: INQUISITION are both 5-star rated on Amazon and iBooks!


no preference really


I should probably edit my description that I will not do ‘just for fun’ requests :stuck_out_tongue: sorry!


Where could a paperback be used on Wattpad? I’m still relatively new! Haha


Not on Wattpad but I thought it’s more unique to see what your book would look like if it was published, rather than just a cover.


Oh yeah, that’s what I meant, haha, just for fun, not on my Amazon listing or anything, lol. But it’s fine! :smiley:

Thanksgiving Character Doodles (Temporary Shop, Open)

Hello, just asking, where do you get your pics from? Do you just search in the internet? Subscribe to sites that sell photos and clipart? Or do you have your own pictures?
How do you know if it’s copyrighted or not?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


They buy stock


what if you’re just a poor penniless artist who has no budget to buy stock photos? :frowning: is there a place where you can take pics you can use for free?


I am not sure, KristinJamesx does hers professionally and so she buys her stock, you can ask her, I only know because I’ve talked with her and such when she did my one cover and a few other times since


Never just use the internet. I use adobe, Getty, and depositphotos for most stock, and periodimages and neostock for specialist photos. There are sites like unsplash for free but they come with their own problems. Never use free sites for images of models — that’s bound to get you into some trouble! :slight_smile:
If you are only doing the odd cover for Wattpad I don’t see why you can’t get away with using free images at all! :slight_smile: if you’re publishing, steer well away and hire someone/buy stock from low cost sites like dreamstime!


And one quick tip for buying on a budget… if you see a photo you love on adobe etc but can’t afford adobe, search it on depositphotos. Depositphotos have sales every other month where you can get 5 images for something crazy cheap like $5 :slight_smile:


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