Free Covers Request

Hi there!This is Eunice from PH and I make FREE simple and minimalist etc. covers. If you have a request, please take a look at my examples, read the rules, and fill out and order form.


  1. All covers will also be posted on my Wattpad account ( ) . Follow me also xoxo <3
  2. Please submit forms through the replies or through my inbox.
  3. Please give me credit! Please give me credit for the cover in the description of your story.
  4. You have a day to claim the cover but depends on how many will request. Anyone can use that cover’s design if you choose not to accept it.
  5. Please only ask for things to be changed once! I’m happy to do small things like text a few times, but big things such as pictures or design only once.
  6. Only request covers for books that are already published on Wattpad! and only for those writers that was writing continues.
  7. Once the cover is done send me the link of the story so that I can chck if you will use my cover in a nice way.
  8. No hate please! If you dislike something about your requested cover, please just let me know politely. If you don’t like other people’s covers, keep it to yourself! Hate is unnecessary and isn’t going to change anything.

Book Title (with color choices including outline color):
Phrase (optional):
Brief Summary (just a short thing telling me what it’s about, so I can get some ideas):
Requests (certain symbols, colors, fonts, etc.)(encouraged):

Here’s my sample from my book that i’m writing.


Tweaks: (No promises because my skills are limited, but if there’s something you’d like to switch up a bit I’d be happy to try.)

Hello! Just to clarify: I don’t have to use the cover if I choose not to, right?