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whats up my name is elle im 18 and i never learned how to heckin read

anyway hello, i left wattpad for the umpteenth time, and i’M BACK YA’LL for like a day maybe idk. i haven’t graphic designed in a really long time and i wanna try it again :sunglasses: also sims because i really like making them and i wanna have fun too. (pls request sims i wanna make sims)

quick stuff (rules?)

  • free minus credit thnx
  • i really prefer dark covers but it’s ok (i don’t do minimalistic, simple is a maybe) i also heavily prefer the book being posted but it’s fine ig if not.
  • for sims: i can either just make them and take a simple pretty photo or completely edit it into something. idc how many sims. the sims form is kinda cluttered bc idk how to even make a form for sims.
  • as well if you own the sims 4 and want your sim, i’ll send you the files ^^
  • be specific with literally everything thanks
  • be nice n buy me flowers im in desperate need of affection and friends
  • oh and the password is the sunglasses emoji because Why Not

    some example stuff ig (covers are SUPER old.)

aight, form time:


sims/ (for each sim, do a new form.)
face/head; (delete this - face shape, structure like eyes nose lips jaw ect, hair, eye color, piercings, moles blah blah, skin color all that, literally everything here)
body; (delete this - same as above, but body wise, like tattoos idk. do NOT expect exact tattoos. i use what materials i have.)
edited or unedited; (delete this - for both, describe what pose. for just unedited: give background color too. for edited: the scenery and mood and all that.)

thanks for stopping by this ol’ town road :sunglasses:

personal queue

notes >

  • sims are always done first, unless i do a cover first, lol
  • all covers are “uncertain” meaning i will attempt, but no promises i’ll achieve it

covers >

sims >
scmimi - 194
witchoria - 214

tag for reopen >


Heyyy! Welcome back!


hello!! ty! how have u been :heart:


Fine! I need to see if I need a cover, btw


no problem! i don’t mind if you just wanna chat here, by all means go ahead xx


Hi! Your covers are breathtaking, so I was hoping I could have one for an upcoming story T_T <3

title; Wishful Thinking
subtitle; n/a
author; acetylcholous
colors/mood; dark and mysterious with a hint of light or color
ideas/pics; I was thinking a girl in the middle of a misty forest, following wisps or flowing light
Something close to this
or this
misc; thank you so much <3 and here’s the pass :sunglasses:


gkdshjhsd that password was better than i expected i immediately laughed when i saw :sunglasses:

could you include a few more ideas/more descriptive? not required, but i would like a bit more so i have options for creativity <3 do you want me to use one of those photos or just something similar? and thank you very much!!


you’re the first user I know to use an emoji as a password XD and thank you so much for considering! <3
umm, with regards to the idea, you could use the images I laid out, but you could also find something similar or something you think would fit better or more creative on the cover. ^^
to describe the cover I visualize, there could be faint wisps (little balls of glowy light or atmospheric ghosts as they call it) or flowing light effects on the cover which look like she’s following them or tracing their direction. maybe emphasize the a few trees to surround the corners of the cover if you could?


:sunglasses: is just a funny emoji and i wanted a laugh and it worked, i definitely laugh when i see it

alright! could you just answer one more thing?; what fits your book/visualization more; the horse or no horse? (also based on the second photo, is she royalty?)


I have a questions, I already made my sim and everything(i love the game lol) but i need someone who can like make Character card for her. I made her a simstagram and stuff would you be able to make it for me?


allow me to use this :sunglasses: to reply to you

she’s noble, not royal… so horse or no horse fits, but I think it’s way more mysterious when she’s on her own in the mist. ^^


could you specify a bit more on a card? maybe an example?


alright, thank you! that helps a lot, actually. fancy clothes, but not too fancy. (i just thought of this: what’s her hair color so i can try and be super accurate? and are the wisps white or do you want a specific color? SORRY FOR ALL THE QUESTIONS I LIKE TO KNOW THINGS) if you haven’t guessed, i’m totally giving this a shot :sunglasses:


oh yeah, I haven’t really got to the part writing descriptions about the wisps yet. Do you think it would be okay if I could base my writing on whatever color you choose for the wisps on the cover? XD as for the hair, she’s a brunette. Don’t worry about the questions! <3

hehe. :sunglasses:


sure, no thing! i’ll tinker around and see what color suits 'em best! tyvm :sunglasses:


Like these:


thank you again so so muchhh :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:


ahh, gotcha gotcha. sure thing! i don’t have a form for anything like that so just go wild i guess? i don’t want to copy that card you gave me so do describe what kind you’d like!

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Sim name: Laniyah Huston
Age: 22
Aspiration: Big Happy Family
Traits: Companion, Fertile, Super Green Thumb
Marital Status: Married
Ideas for the card: I don’t need anything super fancy so can it have her name around the her face, it can be plain with her face claim in a square and the information on top of the picture or really anything that looks cute. It doesnt have to have everything that i listed but it can if you want, I’ll add the picture in a second.


alright! am i allowed to do minor tweaks to the photo? i wouldn’t do much, i promise!