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Offering for a limited number of requests: 10
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Free manip covers. I’m itching to make manip covers on request again. I so enjoy making covers for people :smile:


  1. Must fill out the form below
  2. Must credit @TheTigerWriter if using
  3. You can request a change in the text only (font, text color, or the words) and within 3 days after delivery
  4. Use covers for personal use only
  5. I will deny covers with face claims, fanfics, mature, and if I think I can’t do it justice
  6. Most likely to accept if you say, “Do whatever you think looks best!” provided that you have a detailed description of what your story is about
  7. There is NO PASSWORD BECAUSE I TRUST YOU READ THE RULES. I repeat, there is no password so leave the password section blank, or you can make one up to confuse people :wink: If you are funny about it, it will be for my enjoyment.

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3 days from the day of delivery. The date is written in the delivery box.

NOT Using the cover doesn’t mean it’s not yours to keep

To those of you who decide to NOT use the cover, don’t plague yourselves about it. Just because you won’t use it, doesn’t mean it isn’t yours. The cover is for you to keep. So please download it if you like it :wink:

I may not do in order of requesting because, well, sometimes if I’m working on one cover, a similar style one is easy to do next.

Order up! :slight_smile:

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Title: letters to a broken soul
Subtitle: all can heal
Author Name:Beautifully-mixed
Genre: General
What is your story about?: letters to women that have struggled with abuse and hate and prejudice
What you want or don’t want: I would like a heart shape necklace laying over a stack of letters.
Password: no password


Title: Pureblood
Subtitle: –
Author Name: Michelle du Toit
Genre: Romance
What is your story about?: Moran has always been on top, she was the Queen after all, and her warrior status also added to the fear of all those who would want her dead.
During the third uprising she is finally defeafed, not killed, but sent where she could no longer rule her kingdom - Earth 2006
What you want or don’t want: I was thinking a warrior girl with a sword, you can do anything with the background, Moran has long dark hair and red eyes, she also has tribal like tattoos
Password: bagels :smile: hehehehe


Title: The Shadows of Magic
Author Name: Danilo Cassiano
Genre: Urban Fantasy
What is your story about?: Daryl just learned he was an angel after nearly being killed by demons, now he has to help defeat the demons terrorizing the city and the mages that are helping them, all while trying to save his friend from being possessed.
What you want or don’t want: I would like a rook chess piece with a dark shadowy, somewhat indigo, flame over it. you can do what you think is best for the background.
Password: no password


@Beautifully-mixed @JustAReader248 @GamerNovellist accepted!


7 slots open!




While I scout out good pics to work with, there are still 7 slots open for a free custom manip cover request.

it’s free.

Free manip covers.

C’mon :wink:


Title: Broken Home
Author Name: imtotallynotokay
Genre: General
What is your story about?: a boy dealing with depression, homophobia and emotional abuse
What you want or don’t want: a gloomy scene with a guy


Title: Beyond the Horizon

Subtitle: The Guild Leader Chronicles Book Three

Author Name: Stefanie Maxey

Genre: Werewolf

What is your story about?: When a war is started, you must be prepared for anything. With the death of one of their strongest allies, Cauis and Esmerelda release unholy hellfire down on the vampire species. They will not stop until they have killed every single vampire, and with the new magical powers the entire pack now has, it levels the playing field.

Will the Guild Leaders be able to fulfill their vengeance after Septimus was brutally killed? Or will they fall?

Beyond the Horizon, they battle for their way of life, and to kill who is most responsible for their heartache.

What you want or don’t want: I’m needing the theme to be dark since it’s a war story. My main female is blonde with blue eyes, and main male is brown hair green eyes.

Password: The Office: Season 7 Episode 19- Minute 14:45


Title: Addicts
Author: Luke Branwen
Genre: Urban fiction / Action / Superhero

What is it about

A new threat emerged from seemingly nowhere - a drug made of a plant which lives in symbiosis with its user and provides them various special powers by altering certain parts of their body. It didn’t take long for it to spread and soon, a big number of people, mostly young, became so-called Addicts. The cities became plagued by the wars of addicted superheroes and supervillains which seem to never end. As if the natural version wasn’t strong enough, the gangs start to mix the drug with various synthetic chemicals to multiply its strength which results in stronger and more bizarre powers.
By a set of coincidences, four young people create an improbable ragtag team - Kiara Kirlian, a charming beauty not afraid to get messy, Spike Ming, an Asian who’s more interested in comic books than maths, Jim Bates, extremely lazy gamer with a fast food addiction, and Miles, a young homeless man whose only friends are pigeons. They have no choice but to become Addicts, too.
During their adventure, they don’t have only to fight underground superhero gangs, but also themselves and their addiction. Is the drug more dangerous than it seems? Is long-term usage really safe, or are their lives in danger?

Request: Do whatever you think looks best :slight_smile: Something in urban / graffiti style will work well, nothing overly dramatic since the book won’t be dead serious.
Password: Screw Rolf Scamander, Luna Lovegood is my wife

Thanks for the consideration! :blush:


Title: Duchess of Blood
Author name: Raven Jakois
Genre: fantasy
What is your story about? A young female witch on the run from two sorcerers.
What do you want: Two wolves on the cover, one dark the other lighter and both have to be “on the same side” (not looking at each other for a face down) as if they are on the hunt together. Alternatively and just as appreciated: a cover that represents magic. The mood should be a little dark (there’s demons in the story). You can choose a blank background (one solid colour) if you feel like it. I like simple backgrounds too.
What you don’t want: any people or something cutesy and no howling wolves or idyllic backgrounds (meaning ordinary forests).

BTW I checked out Illusions you’re pretty talented!


Accepted peoples!
@StefMaxey I love how specific your password is XD
@RavenJakois Thanks :wink: Don’t expect awesome typography though. That was done by my collaborator.

@TheHuntingMockingjay I need a detailed summary of what it’s about if you are going to give me some creative freedom.


It’s a project in development, so I can’t get into too much details yet. But if you point out what do you need to know, I’ll try to answer.


Hi! :wave:

Title: Undercover Love
Subtitle - (or if you’ve read the description, just add in one if it sounds cool :blush: :+1:t2:
Author name: r3latableth0ughts
Genre: teen fic but i feel like it kinda leans more towards adventure or action :shrug:
What is your story about?: Agent Hale, undercover agent, has been working with the force since she was 18, with the passion to live up to her father’s expectations.
And the moment comes when fate comes knocking on her door: University.
Paired with a criminal, stony-faced Isabella Hale is forced to cope with Alex Harrison, who always has a smile on his face to hide the sadness behind it.
The two put their differences aside for the case, and after spending time together, they realize they’re both broken.
And maybe, they can fix each other.
What you want or don’t want: anything! but i really like stuff related to aesthatics so… :shrug:
Password: bannanuh lol

thank you :slight_smile:


Thanks lol


Title: Silhouette
Subtitle: None ( Or if something pops into mind, I don’t mind that)
Author Name: WIktoria Lajborek
Genre: Action or Adventure, whichever one you prefer.
What is your story about?: A girl, thats a badass, and takes no orders because she is the most feared mafia leader of all times.
Short summary: A guy named Jackson, is convicted of murder, and escapes prison one day because of a rescue mission for Michael, that’s part of mafia. He then gets dragged into a world of murder and fear, when he meets the mafia leader, Alyssa. She is not scared nor she is vulnerable. She can fight, and kill a man with one hand. She finds interest in Jackson, because on his first day, he beat down one of her men. She finds past about him.
What you want or don’t want: I’m really not picky, because I can trust you make great ones, I looked at the art work and it’s stunning so I leave it up to you.
Password: Cheesecake (I love a good cheesecakeeeeee:star_struck:)



Well, even if it’s in development it’ll help if you can tell me what it’s basically about. Very basic. Even something like a teen girl who is running away from the cops or a boy who hates birds. Just something. I need a little idea. Or even just some major element of the story. Like, maybe a tower or a bridge or something.


Question: What do Alex Harrison and Isabella Hale look like?


Considering peoples (mainly because my inspiration has not been activated with these requests yet)

Accepted peoples
@Page_Princessa Accepted! However, could you tell me a little about what Alyssa and Jackson look like?