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I’m just guessing… didn’t you forget to reveal the hidden text in my original post? Since it contains a summary, I just hid by with a tag so the comment won’t be too long. Try clicking on the “What is it about” text in my 1st post, like this:

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Oh! Sorry, I’m new to the tab thing. I thought there was nothing written there :0 Now I see it.


Well, Alyssa is a short, feisty girl - My picture inspiration was her 2019-01-01%20(2)
And Jackson, is buff, strong jaw line, messy hair, whatever colour, I don’t really mind. Sort of like Nick Bateman i guess. :smile:


@TheHuntingMockingjay accepted :wink:


Alright, got it, thanks :smile:


title: Behind The Scenes
subtitle: Everyone has a chapter they don’t read out loud
author: M. Alcock
genre: teen fiction/romance
what is your story about?: Cori who lives in new york and Mark who lives in London( they don’t know eachother) each find an old copy of the book ‘Gone With The Wind’ that allows them to teleport into the story and participate in it, by taking the form of one of the characters in it
what do you want or not want: i honestly don’t know, maybe something to do with an image of an open book that looks magic or anything you like. Surprise me!
password: i love potatoes

(note: i’m not 100% sure I will use this cover, (not because i think it won’t be fantastic),so please prioritize other people’s before mine)

have an amazing day :slight_smile:




putting this here to make sure you all see it

Status: cover completed
I have made your cover. You will get it shortly.

Status: In 3 days
I have delivered your cover and you have 3 days to ask for font type/title/ font color change. If not, the cover will be “flattened” meaning I will not be able to change it…ever.


Title: Those Blue Eyes
Subtitle: The Girl in Shadows
Author Name: Heena Patwa
Genre: Drama/ Dark Adventure
What is your story about?: A girl is sold to the mob and she takes her revenge
What you want or don’t want: I want it portray the dark and bloody theme. A helpless/innocent looking girl or her silhouette may be used. Whatever else you feel can look good
Password: Popcorn


Accepted!! :smiley:


I’m so excited!!!


Thank you


Okay, so, I was going to deliver in chunks of five. Then I made six of the covers. Lucky you, person 5 that I did 6 first and realized I could do 5 as well :stuck_out_tongue: I’ll stop rambling. Here are your covers.

WARNING! If you want me to change the text font, text color, text placement, text size and anything else to do with the text, MAKE SURE YOU LET ME KNOW WITHIN 3 DAYS OF DELIVERY. 3 DAYS. If I see you have not said anything in those 3 days, I will not change the text.

1/14 Delivery (Text change is possible from 1/14~1/17 Japan, Tokyo, standard time)

@Beautifully-mixed: Cover - letters to a broken soul I hope you like it :slight_smile:

@JustAReader248: Okay, so the first cover, after I made it I went to your story for inspiration and realized I used the exact same pic. But, here it is for you anyway. Because of that, I made you another one. I hope you like it :slight_smile:
Cover - Pureblood 1
Cover - Pureblood 2

@GamerNovellist: Cover - The Shadows of Magic Hope you like it :slight_smile:

@imtotallynotokay: Since you had a little character bio in your story, I used that as inspiration. Hope you like what I made :slight_smile:
Cover - Broken Home (link removed and updated below)

@RavenJakois: You first, because I didn’t do person 5 and 6 in that order. Hope you like it :slight_smile:
Cover - Duchess of Blood

@StefMaxey: I did go to check out the covers of the other books in the series for character inspiration, yet, I seem to have done my own thing in the end. I hope you like it :slight_smile: Cover - Beyond the Horizon


I’m sorry, but it’s too much of a romance feel for a war story


By any chance can you move my name to right under broken home or if not down to the corner? If you can’t that’s fine too. I love the cover though.


Alright, got it.

I could try again if you’ll let me :slight_smile:


Yes, I can do that.

I’m not on my desktop right now so I’ll do it as soon as I get home :slight_smile:


Covers that need changing
@StefMaxey ?


I love them!! Thank you!


@imtotallynotokay Here’s your fixed cover! HERE :slight_smile: