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Since the first 10 went very well and I had a LOT of fun (and trouble but the fun outweighs that) I decided to do another batch :smile:


Title: The Veil

Author: THERE ARE TWO!!! Stefanie Maxey & BreAn Rivers

Summary: Loving someone is hard, regardless of what people say. Loving someone who’s a ghost is nearly impossible. I didn’t know I was irrevocably in love with Cole Huffman until it was too late. He saved my life, pulling me out of that blazing car, and then he was gone. I didn’t know until then that he was my whole life. I could feel myself losing grip with reality when I started feeling him, hearing his voice around me everywhere I went, and when I saw him appear before me. Yet, he was still there. How do you love someone on the other side of the veil?

Sydney Wilson has always been the center of my world ever since we met the first day of kindergarten. She has always been my main focus and goal in life. I never did tell her though. I was going to, but my untimely death prevented me from telling her the truth. Not wanting to live or die without her, I made a deal to reunite us. One way or another, I am going to tell Sydney exactly what she means to me.

Ideas: I’m really sorry, I know on my other one I was pretty specific, but this one I don’t really have anything for… I mean…the dude is going to be a ghost so… If you can go off that maybe? I’m really sorry…

Genre: Paranormal

Password: I’ve got a lovely bunch of coconuts…


I was wondering why that summary looked so familiar. I saw it when I visited you profile for inspiration for the one you previously asked for :wink: It’s an interesting story idea :smile: It’s like Casper but not really.



@jgrace2197 I just wanted to let you know I’ll be making your cover soon. I’ve just been so busy that I could only have the idea for your cover sitting around in my head.


Lol that’s completely fine :smile:


You’re so amazing rofl



Okay so since your cover was more about my ambition to make a cover as a manipulated one, I did a few different things. First, I saw you had gotten some advice/critique/criticism on your current cover by various people. I wasn’t snooping. I just happened to find yours’ :wink:

Second, based on some of the comments I made a few of them copyright free which I will PM to you because they are special :wink:

The one I’m sending here is the one that is for personal use only (meaning, just use it on Wattpad if you do use it).

So that’s this cover: Moonflower Cover Click Delievered 1/25

If you want the text changed, let me know within 3 days.


8 spots open!!


This is really a beautiful cover! Nicely done! :smile: I feel like if you combined the first and second covers that would be awesome


Glad you like it! :smiley:

You’ll have to tell me what you mean by the first and second covers :thinking: Is the one I sent here cover number one?


Hi, a little late, but OH MY GOSH that cover is incredible, thank you so much for making it!!!


No, that’s the fourth one :rofl: I think I might actually use one of the covers you sent me. The thing is, I love the flower and font of the first one, but I also love the design of the second one.


Title: Ruthless
Author Name: Julia, just Julia please!
Genre: greek Mythology
What is your story about?: Basically a story about how a human girl betrays the gods for Kronos.
What you want or don’t want: Just a darker color scheme
Password: Um hi :stuck_out_tongue:


The only thing I can change is the text so if you want that changed I could do that.



Do you want people on it or no? If yes, could you tell me what the girl looks like?


On the second one (of the three you sent me), could you change the font to look like the font of the first one? Just since I’m thinking of using one or the other for my cover :smile:


I PM’d you about it.

Sorry, I was just so confused which one you meant XD


Hi Hope you can help with a cover!

Password :wink:

Title: Seventh Heaven
Author: Alexander Yakovlev
Summary: Sam is burdened with the death of his mother and his constant blackouts - that is, until he meets Hana. As he begins to overcome the struggles of his life, the truth of his past unfolds, and it is darker than he could ever imagine.
Mood/Genre/Colors: Something dark, thriller-like and mysterious like the image below:

I also have my concept art folder here:

Thank you :slight_smile:


Um sure! The girl has shoulder length brown hair, sharp gray eyes, and an almost beat up look to her like she’s felt pain so much that it doesn’t hurt anymore.


Oh and her hair is wavy