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If you have a photo (not drawing) that you would like me to use tell me which one and I could fiddle with that or, I could conjure up something, or both. What would you like?


Can you not use the images I provided? If not, please have a look at my concept art folder here :slight_smile:


That’s completely fine lol :joy:


Title:One Night bxb
Author Name:Alex-Halo
What is your story about?:Kyler. Basic as they come popular, looks that could kill with a reputation to hold up.
he spends his spare time dating girl after girl and you know “enjoying the Benefits” of some of his other female friends. Still, none of them make him feel like he’s being himself. None make him feel whole. None. Make. Him. Stay.
Then there’s Mathew or Matt as he prefers to be called. He’s a wild child and unapologetically himself no matter who’s around he loves partying and he loves and whomever he pleases whenever he pleases (with consent of course) he loves his life and enjoys living it every single day.
What happens when they cross paths at a party One Night? Find out
What you want or don’t want:Let the creativity flow through this one. have fun with it.


Title: Loved Is Blind
Subtitle: Book One
Author Name: Jody Roebuck
Genre: Historical Romance (Western)
What is your story about?: Woman who was raised in a brothel with long dark hair falls in love with man who is a ranch owner, dark hair, who hides his face because of a birth mark and one blind eye which has people believing he is evil.
What you want or don’t want: What ever ideas you can come up with! Just want to grab readers attention. Hope you still have an open slot!!


I’ll use it as inspiration then :slight_smile:


Sorry, denied :confused: I have no ideas for it.


Thank you :slight_smile: How long do you think it will take to make, I can’t wait to see it :smiley:




Since I have five spots filled now (it’s four requests because I finished one), I’ll be working on the covers in order. If you need it soon for some reason I could do yours first?


I am in no hurry, so you can take your time with mine. Thank you.


It’s not a problem, I can wait :slight_smile:


Title: the cigarette boy
Author Name: ajrah
Genre: teen fiction
What is your story about?: my main character meets one half of a twin who is abysmally horrible and mixes him up with the other half
What you want or don’t want: can i send you the picture i want // its not letting me upload or link it? Thank yiu
Password: bananas! And thank you!!


Why don’t you pm the photo to me.

If you’re new to the forums, you might not be able to upload right away.

After I see the picture, I’ll tell you if you’ve been accepted or not.


Author Name: Lucy Soldiers
Genre: suspence, action, thriller, romance
What is your story about?: BLURB: Thomas is a socially-awkward train conductor. Jenna, his playful passenger, is smart, sophisticated, and beautiful. They couldn’t be more different. But when the train careers out of control and they find themselves facing real danger, they’re thrown together. How strong will their bond in adversity prove to be?
What you want or don’t want: You’re the artist. Current cover: see @lustysoul
(BG image was purchased on Deposit)






NOTICE! an update.


All you guys, if you are still interested in getting a cover from me, comment below. I’m very busy right now, but I will start my hunt for good base pics for you guys some time this week, hopefully. I apologize for the long wait and I hope you understand.


Sure, I’m anxious to see what you come up with


Title: H.E.X
Author Name: Mikael King
Genre: Fantasy
Short-Short Summary: An apprentice knight gets bonded to a black dragon gauntlet that allows the user to learn magic, even though they weren’t born as magicians. He has to master magic, defeat fiends that have been terrorizing the world for some years, while also dealing with a rogue- shadow witch.
Mood: I’m not completely sure what I want here, I could imagine a little darker tone, but if you think anything else would work better then please go ahead :slight_smile:
Ideas: I’m imagining a shadowed young knight, with some magic background/particles. Please let me know if you want me to be more specific, but I’d really like to see what you’ll cook up ^^ Maybe he could stand there with his sword or something looking out over a grass field, I’m actually not too sure. If you feel that you have a better idea, then please go with that. I trust your judgement.
Password: Magic Fox sent me

Sorry for being so vague, and thank you for your time ^^

Edit: I don’t know if my request has been accepted, but I thought I’d slide in some info just in case. There’s a character in my book that says a quote to the main character. It goes along the lines of, “Magic is not to be feared… Magic is not the power of destruction.” If you could incorporate something like that on the cover I’d be so thankful ^^