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yes, please but if you can’t then that’s fine too.


Yeah I still want one! We have a good cover right now, so we’re not in any hurry…


Of course, still interested :slight_smile: please let me know when you have time to make it


Yes, I am still interested.
Thank you


I’d love a cover from you, but I think you said you don’t do fanfictions? Unless I miss read the rules. I just wanted to ask if you do them or if I am just confused before I make a request.


Title: Hidden Identities
Author Name: Meshal Mahmood
Genre: Teen fiction
What is your story about?: 2 girls are the best fighters in their state but have to keep their identities hidden.
What you want or don’t want: A girl with some sort of mask over her mouth like a bandit and if able to some type of fighting weapon. Colours: red, black and grey, whatever makes it look amazing
Password: chocolate :nerd_face:


If Magic Fox sent you, consider yourself accepted :wink:


If the fanfic must have a face claim, I won’t do it. Otherwise, I may do it depending on the details of the request.




Oh my what a privilege :wink: Thank you so much, looking forward to what you’ll cook up!


I only use the original characters from the show
Here is my form in case you want to take it (you do not have to at all)

Title: The Game
Subtitle: You’re losing
Author Name: Lovely29
Genre: Riverdale fanfiction
What is your story about?: Eight members of the the Archie crew (Archie, Veronica, Betty, Jughead, Josie, Reggie, Fangs, and Toni) are pulled into a reality show put together by Hiram Lodge, he’s found a new way of making money, and it’s TV. It’s really just a big game for everyone.
What you want or don’t want: I just want to see what you come up with. I think you are talented and I’m having trouble making it myself.


@StefMaxey Early delivery (because I made it so why wait)

The Veil - cover (link removed. fixed version pm’d to requester)


Holy shit the dude is blurred!!! Pardon my language, but that is absolutely amazing!!!

We will be using this!

Thank you so much!!!


I’m about to send you a messege



WARNING! If you want me to change the text font, text color, text placement, text size and anything else to do with the text, MAKE SURE YOU LET ME KNOW WITHIN 3 DAYS OF DELIVERY. 3 DAYS. If I see you have not said anything in those 3 days, I will not change the text.

2/15 Delivery (Text change is possible from 2/15~2/18 Japan, Tokyo, standard time)

@galaxywolf183 - Ruthless cover - HERE

@AVYofficial - Seventh Heaven cover - HERE

@jody_r_1010 Love Is Blind cover - (link removed and fixed below)


I did consider it…and I couldn’t come up with anything :confused: Sorry, denied.


The book is a cowboy romance so the picture really doesn’t work. I love the lettering though!


Alright, if you give me a bit more time I can try again :slight_smile: I think I have a better idea now.


Thank you


I love it thank you! Just wanna know, can you change the picture so it only shows like a picture of her back or front only or no? Is it too late? Sorry if I’m bothering you.