Free Desktop + Phone Backgrounds / OPEN / no queue


Looking for a new desktop background? Or maybe a new phone background?
Bored of your current one / the default ones?

Well, you’ve come to the right place. I am offering custom unique
backgrounds for your devices for free!

I enjoy using photoshop and illustrator to create graphics and
want to provide custom backgrounds for people because I
think it’ll be fun.

The rules, form and examples can be found below. Since these
are large graphics and I want to create something special for
each person that requests I will only have three slots in the queue
at any one time.

If you’re interested in a custom background, please feel free
to read the rules and put in a request. If I’m closed and you’re
eager to get your request in one of the slots when I reopen,
let me know and I’ll add you to a taglist!

Thank you!

Credit is a must.
A small watermark will be placed on the graphic.
The way this is done can be seen in the examples.

Please be patient and kind to everyone here.
I aim to deliver within 7 days. These are custom backgrounds
and will take time to complete.

Fill the form in with as much detail as possible.
I want to produce the perfect backgrounds for you and to do this
I need details of what is wanted. Please fill in the form as much as possible.
If you have a particular layout and want certain areas blank for icons etc
please mention this in the form!

First come, first serve.
I will have 3 slots in the queue each time I am open. I am restricting
myself with the queue to focus on the requests I accept. If there
is a lot of interest and I’m closed I may compile a taglist and tag
people that are interested when I have free slots.

I can deny any request.
I reserve the right to deny any request.
I will also NOT produce any graphics that could be deemed
discriminatory to any group / person.

Your graphic may be used as an example in the future.
Not exactly a rule but something I want people to be aware of.

Here you will find examples of backgrounds I’ve created
and a few other graphics to show what I’m capable of!


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Below you’ll find the form. Please fill in as much info as possible.
A * indicates an optional category

for your screen resolution please google your screen resolution.
i will need this to ensure the background fits your screen.
unsure if you have the right info / format? this is an example for
macbook air screen res: 1440 x 900 px


portrait landscape
screen resolution:
main text*:
other text*:





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screen resolution: 1920x1080
main text*: If writers wrote as carelessly as some people talk, then adhasdh asdglas.
other text*: - Lemony Snicket
style/mood: pastels, something sort of minimalist like your nixie the ripper graphic you posted.
ideas: basic and simple, with maybe cursive text for the quote, I would just like to have something nice to enshrine one of my favorite quotes
colours: light pink, cream.
images*: your nixie the ripper graphic,
other: Nothing at all. If you can’t accept it I hope you have a good day.


thank you for requesting! i aim to deliver your background within the next 7 days.

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Hi! I really like your graphics, especially the book cover examples :slight_smile: Instead of a desktop background would you be willing to make me a banner for my Wattpad profile?

thank you but unfortunately I am only taking requests for desktop backgrounds here. i’m not sure when i’ll reopen my regular graphics shop yet… but i can tag you when I do if you’d like?

Sure! Thank you :slight_smile:

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here is your desktop background. i hope it’s what you’re looking for. if not i offer one redo per request and i’m happy to make small changes that you may want.

i did two versions as you also wanted cream colours so i did a version with those after the all pink.
thank you for requesting!

[drag to new tab / double click to enlarge image]

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These are beautiful.

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Thank you! I’m so pleased you like them!

Can you also do iPhone wallpapers?

Yes, that would be possible as long as you’re able to provide the correct screen resolution it’ll be no problem!

i was going to ask same

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screen resolution: 375x667
main text*: There’s no more chasing rainbows
other text*: n/a
style/mood: just a little bit chill, I’m an aesthetic type person. Light. Rose gold aesthetic.
ideas: perhaps a pink map or a rose gold type theme with marble or something like this.
colours: Pink/rose gold, white, pastels
images*: no specific images but I can find some
other: Thank you if you accept!

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