Free Editing Service and Feedback [Closed]

Hi! I’ve enjoyed providing feedback on many wonderful stories recently, so I thought I’d expand it to offering editing!

My qualifications: Bachelor’s in European History with double minor in English and Creative Writing. Master’s in Early Modern History. I’ve spent the past 5 years straight editing for academic papers, as well as fiction/non-fiction stories. Editing for historical papers is super grueling so I had some of the best editors I’ve ever met tear my papers apart, helping me learn what good editing looks like!

This service is absolutely free and I am happy to edit any genre EXCEPT for Fan Fiction (sorry, but it’s the only genre I’m not fully confident in working on and I want to do my best for your story).

I will look at spelling, grammar, formatting, structure, flow, and pacing. HOWEVER, since writing involves a lot of stylistic choices, everything (aside from spelling) is subjective and you are not obligated to make the changes I suggest. That being said, I WILL tear your story apart and I WILL nitpick, because I want to see you write the best story you can and ensure your readers see your story the way you envision! I do ask that if you apply my edits, you give me credit in your story’s description blurb: “Edited by @SKBissett

For ease of editing, please make your story available in a Google Doc. If I accept your story, I will contact you via PM so you can send me the Google Doc link privately. I will make edits in another color and send it back to you.

I don’t know how many people will respond to this, but since editing is a grueling task (as I mentioned above), I may only take 2 or 3 stories before closing this offer. I will choose which stories I will edit, it’s not necessarily first come first served.

If you are interested, please comment with this form filled out:
No. of Chapters:

Title: The Kingdom Of Peryton White
Genre: Science Fiction
No. of Chapter: 4 (for now)
Summary: In the Kingdom of Peryton White, the heir to the throne has returned, but though this should be good news the council is now in trouble as their secrets might be reviled. Meanwhile, there is a distraction, the Shadows steal Artemis’s arrow and even though everyone tells Lucy and her friends not to take the problem into their hands. She and her friends go for an adventure that will test their limits. Will lucy survive the desitions she has to take? Will she honour her parents? or will she join the temptation?

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Title: My Father, Hallowed be his Name
Genre: Vampire/Adventure
No. of Chapters: I’m writing the 6th one now, but I plan on it being about 14-16 in total, if you’re willing to work long term.
Summary: Caithe loved her father – always has, always will. Despite finding her on the streets when she was young, he raised her like his own. Caithe didn’t care that he had fangs he used to drain the blood from his prey, she loved him

So when he disappears and another vampire, Seth, shows up in his wake, Caithe doesn’t let that go laying down. Following in her father’s footsteps, she’ll not only learn more about his past but Seth and herself along the way.

And maybe, just maybe, Vampires aren’t the monsters we make them out to be.

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Accepted! Please check your messages inbox :slight_smile:

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I’m willing to accept your story for editing, but your username doesn’t seem to show up, so I can’t send you a PM.

Ah, never mind, I found you under another username lol

Title: Abyss King
Genre: Fantasy
No. of Chapters: 2
Summary: Long ago there used to be a hero named Max, he was famous in all the world and his name was a symbol of justice, but one day, he was betrayed by his friends, and thrown into the abyss, a dimension full of darkness and monsters, 4 years later, he is back, and seek nothing more than revenge

English isn´t my first language so I can really use some help

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Accepted! Check your messages inbox :slight_smile:

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