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Hi! I’m a full-time journalist in the UK and I’m hoping to expand my editing portfolio.
I’ve been writing professionally for almost three years, and I have a degree in creative writing. I will edit any genre, whether you want proofs or structural edits, or just general feedback.

I have a couple of options available-
Option 1: Basic proofing; tightening flow, punctuation, grammar, typos, etc.
Option 2: Soft edit; which includes option 1 (if you want it) and a specific focus on particulars like descriptions, or structure, etc.
Option 3: Both 1 and 2, and recommendations on style.

And they are just recommendations. Remember this is YOUR baby, and I’m here to highlight your talent, not rewrite anything, or change it beyond recognition.

You can check out my portfolio here:

Please email me, or reach out on here, and we can talk about what you need doing.
As I said, this will be a free service and I’m not asking for payment of any kind, bar credit for editing, as a courtesy rather than a condition of my work.

Thanks for reading! Please get in touch.


What sort of length are you looking to edit?


Hi! It doesn’t matter to me, obviously longer stories will require more time, and that is also dependent on which option you’d like me to take with it.
If you need the story for a particular deadline, I’ll do my best to meet that. :grinning:


Hello, I have had some help with editing previously but mostly some grammar and basic edits. I would love some help with soft editing and style!


Hi Ivy! I’m definitely open to do some soft edits, do you want to email me your story and I can take a look, or shall I take a look on here, and send you some notes in a doc? :slight_smile:


@ClarityNMercy Maybe she can help?


Hello, do you mind editing, ongoing projects? Do you use Google Docs?


Hi! Yeah google docs and ongoing projects absolutely! Tell me what you need, and drop me an email with the link and your deadlines, and I’ll be on it :slight_smile:


Hello, I would love it if you took the opportunity to proofread my material I have two chapters published on my wattpad page now a novel I am working on called 1942. If you could read through it and give me as much assistance that you are willing to provide I would appreciate it.


Thanks lovely! I’ve just sent you an email. :slight_smile:


Thanks @GoddessV @caitlinos94 I have a rather large project that I’m working on. My goal is to basic edit for wp, but then I plan to take what I have and work it into a version I can self-publish. That would require option three. I would be more than willing to give you credit even in the final self-published version.


Hi! That sounds really cool, I’m definitely interested. Could you send me an email with some more details? If your story is on WP I can start reading through it and coming up with a plan moving forward.


It is on wattpad. But I will definitely email you as what is on wattpad will not be the final version. It’s still needs a lot of reworking to fit my plan.


Either would be fine with me, whichever you prefer. I have a good amount on wattpad, or I can share the google doc with you! I have been struggling with a good deal of structural problems in the first few chapters of the story I would love to have your opinion on. Which method would you personally prefer?


Hey there!
I would absolutely love and appreciate your thoughts (option 3) on my book, “Outrunning the Color Gray”


Description: Caleigh (Cal) has vague memories of death when a man named Artemius gives her the choice to become a guardian angel. A light-wielding being meant to protect and serve. In making this choice, she’s left with no memories of her past, save for one that she won’t recall until after her hundred years of training. Added to this, she runs the risk of dying as an angel and becoming one of the countless and isolated stars in the sky. Regardless, she agrees, and even without her memories, Cal is forced to realize that her soul remembers darkness well. As she and her partner, Allete, fight their way through training, they realize that the darkness residing in Cal may very well be her end, even before she gets to earth.

I hope you enjoy it, if you chose to read it! Thank you for your time.
Nicole Goodspeed


Google docs would probably work best for me, pop an email over with a ‘plan’ of where the story is going and I’ll take a look :slight_smile:


Please take a look at my first installment in a series. I am considering re-entering the story to space the chapters appart for easier reading. I will be adding a little more tales to booster the main character’s personality. I’m considering placing the date also under some chapters when appropriate to convey a time jump. It is a tale based on true events:


Would you be interested in editing my story? I only have 4 chapters so far and I mostly need help with punctuation and grammar
I would really appreciate it.


Hi, I have a chapter that I would really like you to edit. My spelling and punctuation isn’t amazing. Please get in touch :slight_smile:


Hi Caitlin!

I would greatly appreciate it if you could take a look at my book titled The Pineapple Fountain. As of writing this comment, only chapter 1 is posted. Chapters 2 and 3 are being edited and will be posted shortly.

I would be grateful for any and all feedback, and would love option 2.

Here is a link to chapter 1:

Thanks :smile: