Free Graphics! CLOSED

Okay so I have no idea how to use this new version of the multimedia designs thingy but I'll try my best I'll be giving away free covers and icons all I ask for is credit.






Pack of 1-4:

Character or Regular:
Words on Banner:


Okay I’m open.


do you have premades?


I do actually, covers like Sue Me, The Sun Will Shine Again, Dear Amy, The Sixth Coven, and Young are all Premades.


yass ur back (might not remember me tho lol). and also i totally get you on how confusing this new mdc is. need more than a week to settle in.


was tittylord always your user? & yes I don’t know how to work anything I thought you still used the <img src=" thing to post pictures but it wasn’t working lmao


I was KreeArbo before. And it is indeed still used – maybe try adding a “.jpeg” after the link of the image? Cuz that’s what I did.


ahhh yes! I remember you and I think I’ll try that! thank you!


Title: C A I N
Subtitle: The first killer
Author: Duval
Ideas: Traditional story of Cain and Abel, set in modern times showcasing the natural darkness of human nature. Charles Michael Davis as the face claim, somehow incorporating a bar. Maybe standing in front of a bar, with candles on the bar? I found this picture and this is the vibe I’m going for Brown, dark dark dark shades, hazy bar lights

Pictures: something like this maybe? for the picture of him?


Title: Unknown
Subtitle: She was the background character affecting everyone
Author: the-misift or evie
Ideas: I quite like your idea you had in your example ‘sue me’. It would be cool to have something like that but have a picture of Hogwarts in a box, as well as forest in the others. Perhaps the background could be a page or many pages flying in the wind. The face claims are Shawn Mendes and Barbara Palvin

Or another idea is having the couple stand in front of the castle.

Thank you! I can send you the links later on as it won’t let me post. I haven’t used the updated clubs for months




sorry denied I’m not good at harry potter related stuff it never turns out right


here’s your cover! tell me how you like it and if you need any changes. if you’re using it please don’t forget to credit!


Thank you!!! I’m using it and credit was given! :slight_smile:




title: Parker and Oliver
subtitle: -
author: ned joy
ideas: i like the the font in ‘dear amy’ in white or grey with a deep blue background. and the picture i included cut out. to make it less empty stars or a moon can be added. i’d like an outer space theme when it comes to the extra things, if that makes sense lol.

thank you. (:


Title: “Always Mine, Forever Yours”
Subtitle: A Young Adult Novel
Author: overdosin
Ideas: I really love your cover for Cold Case, I would like one just like that but with a guy who has dark black hair and blue eyes but I would like both eyes showing. I would like the color scheme black, gray and white.




Accepted but who’s the guy in the pictures? I’d like to use a diff pic of him.


btw how do you post your images like that?