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here’s your cover tell me if you like it or need any changes! if you’re using don’t forget to credit!


thank you so much! when I post it I will give you credit :))


omg thank you so much im totally using this!


Well I do reviews, so maybe like a cover for the top of the forum. I plan on doing multiple rounds of it, allowing 20 slots open for each. I am also giving each round a funny name. Well funny in my opinion. Like the first round is called: One REVIEW over the Cuckoo’s nest. A pun of One lfew over the cuckoo’s nest. So maybe a parody cover of that book. I am not really sure, let me know what you think.


Sounds interesting I’d like to know more! Private message me!


Thanks so much I’ll make sure to give u credit.




Thank you in advance.




Title: Three Evils of Orchard Catholic
Subtitle: I need something, something more
Author: Jack Janowitz
Ideas: Obviously I’m totally down with whatever you want to do and like you have free creative reign, but I envision it as either a dark cover with three boys on it, or like a picture of someone drowning. The story is about murder and ghosts, so I’d like something on the darker end tone and mood wise, with like blacks and blues. The story also takes place near a lake and the woods.
Here’s some like, inspo pics:




Thank you! Please do tell if you need any more info, pics, etc.


here’s your cover I hope you like it if you’re using please credit!


here’s your cover I hope you like it! If you’re using please don’t forget to credit!


Title: Every Song Has A Start
Subtitle: this lullaby never ends
Author: Minni Stein
Ideas: a radio studio with a girl with headphones on her head with her eyes closed or just the radio studio and slight raindrops falling down on the sides.
Pictures: or and or

thank you in advance whether you do it or not


Thank you so much! I won’t forget to credit.


sorry denied :confused:


may I ask why?


because I don’t think I can perfect your ideas??? I have this other image in my head but it only deals with the girl/eyes closed/headphones


understandable thank you for answering