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Title: Vexed
Author: Minxatious
Ideas: I loveeee this cover and wanted something very edited like it. This is the photo I wanted to use, but I wanted a red theme vs a yellow. I was thinking maybe red roses and the bright neon red hue? I also wanted her face to be extremelly edited like this picture, and with the really adament freckles across the nose. Also optional but very much preferred, if you could edit her hair black black and eyes grey? If not that’s okay :slight_smile:


Hiii, great graphics <3

Title: Met His Match
Subtitle: -
Author: sheldon
Ideas: It’s a light hearted teen fiction cover, but I would like pastel colours ideally, such as pastel blue, peach, yellow etc… I would like a couple on there, the girl is blonde and the guy has brown hair but as long as the girl is blonde im not too fussed. They could be on layered textures, or on a beach with doodles, sun, or something like that. The guy owns a motorbike if it can be incorporated, but its not a major thing.
Pictures: - eh, sorry dont have any. I can try and find some if completely necessary. I liked your bad boy, golden boy and me cover above.

thanks if you accept x


@Minxatious accepted but would it be okay if I used a different pic of dove? @sheldon thank you, accepted!


Sure! Would you mind sending me the pic before you start the graphic though? I don’t want you to use all your time making making it just for me to dislike it based on the model :slight_smile: a picture of her looking devious and slightly evil is the goal !



I like it! Is there another picture that maybe has her with more hair showing? If not that’s okay :slight_smile:


is this okay? I chose a shorter hair picture because I’m not so good at manipulating hair colors… it was easier to do on shorter hair


Thank you I love it! :smile:


Perfect, thank you :slight_smile: I’ll be using it!


Soooo this is what I’ve come up with I literally had to stop myself from making 45 different versions bc i just feel like none of these are good enough for your standards LMFAO


@KateAnnee @Minxatious glad you guys like them!


its straight on beautiful…but could u change written by to just my name.
and add a fullstop after faithfully yours,thx


I really LOVE your samples! I hope you can do for mine too :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Title: what u call an art
Subtitle: -
Author: Black Everest
Ideas: I don’t really mind any concept though. But based on the book title, we already know it’s more to an artsy type ( but your examples are already artsy anyway ). So, I don’t mind how you do it. But what I want to emphasise is: this is a story about a ‘heartless painter’ and a ‘bad boy’.
Anyhow, if you want a more detailed ideas, I’ll give the full summary to you :smile: Link:
I already made one, but it’s not as beautiful as yours :sweat_smile:


If you want to use a different picture of him, you can search “NCT Taeyong” or “Lee Taeyong” (with red hair), but one more thing, please cover his eyes like I did on my previous cover. Thank you very much!

If you don’t mind, I’d like to request on Icon Packs. But you don’t have to do them if you’re busy ( I understand ).

ICONS (#1)
Pack of 1-4: Lee Tae-yong


Ideas: Emphasise on the ‘bad boy’ vibe of him :blush: If can, please make the concept similar to the cover’s concept.

ICONS (#2)
Pack of 1-4: Kang Su-mi
Images: You can just randomly pick the girls with long hair on Internet, but please don’t expose her face ( you can cover her face with anything: brush stroke, etc. )
Ideas: Emphasise on a girl who loves painting, but please filter the girl in shades of grey ( you know what I meant :sweat_smile: ? )

Anyway, thank you so much for hearing out my request. I hope you don’t mind spending your time. I’ll be sure to put full credits on you :heavy_heart_exclamation:

Godspeed, E.


Ah they’re great thankyou. I especially love the second one so i shall be using that one :smile:

Thankyou x


Title: A Little Messed Up
Author: Olivia C
Ideas: Like a purplish hue and there should be silhouettes of 10 characters (I know it’s a lot) But if you can’t then I’m fine with a silhouette of a blonde haired boy.
Pictures: Like purple hues or a sky or an ocean


@AnnLx2004 I can make those changes! No problem. @sushiwritings accepted but what do you mean by random girls? Like any random girl on the internet? @sheldonim glad you like them! @VideoGameMovieGirl you don’t have any other ideas?


is this better?


here is what I’ve come up with! If you’re using any of these don’t forget to credit!


Title: The Nightfall Trilogy: Soleil
Subtitle: “May the darkness of the sun never dim…”
Author: Cherie
Ideas: ex - - I wanted something kind of like this but brighter background maybe somewhere sunny. The sun could be placed behind the model, just like it’s depicted in the example covers. Also, if its possible a forest could be in shown like in my current cover -
These are my models: - Use whichever one works for you.

Sorry for all the links; just wanted to make I gave all the examples I could.


Title: Before Dawn
Author: Janiah Hines
Ideas: Something dark if possible in between the color scheme black, grey, white n red. If there could be a moon in the back.