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Title: Robin
Author: Janiah Hines
Ideas: a girl in the middle, middle age writing in the back, the background behind everything is dark and misty.

Or maybe one version of th Rigel in the middle n another enlarge behind. On the bottom could be a forest, or a group of hoodied people. A dark background whatever comes to mind don’t wanna be too specific.



@CherieMorisette @WintersJewel accepted!


hey this is what I’ve come up with! Let me know if you’re using!


wow! i am in love with ur graphics,thanks


OHMIGOD! IT’S AMAZING!!! THANK YOU! I’LL BE USING IT :heavy_heart_exclamation:


@AnnLx2004 @blackeverest I’m glad you both like them! @WintersJewel I’m kind of stuck on your covers is this sort of what you wanted for the first cover? Or am I heading in a totally wrong direction?


I actually like it a lot, the “Before” could u bring the text down so it’s not three rows for two words?


overall I think you did a perfect job but if u can try to fit a different version of Ross in the center?

The background is perfect


this is what I have for you! Tell me if you need any changes & if you’re using don’t forget to credit.


Hey! Would it be possible to change the font to something like this and place it at the bottom instead of the green forage? Other than that I love the cover!


Thanks so much I’ll be sure to use them n give credit


Yeah I’ll get on that now!



Title: Forbbiden Fruit
Subtitle: lust
Author: Moose_
Ideas: The picture explains itself but just like the picture but if there’s anyway you could add a boy with light brown curly hair from the side to be on it or Ross Lynch (for the first pic)
The second one I would like something like that but without the boy idk if it
Just thought to give you more options I hope I’m not to specific
Pictures: (first pic) (second pic)


So in the first picture you want me to add Ross and the second you want me to keep the girl or just have the apple there with no one?


Yep the second one add the girl and yes but I know sometimes it’s hard to find a picture of a specific person so if you can’t find one that fits I don’t mind not having him on it


so basically you want the same exact covers just change the names/titles?


Thank you for the amazing cover. I love it! I’ll definitely be using it.


Title: The Omnipotent

Subtitle: Evil isn’t born, it’s made.

Author: Deja Little

Ideas: I was thinking a crown with blood oozing from it with a fancy border. I want to give it that royal feel to it. If the cover looks better without the fancy borders then feel free to ditch that part. It is not necessary.

Pictures: Heres some inspiration ones that I like.SX329_BO1%2C204%2C203%2C200 A-Sorcerers-Pledge-Premade-Romance-Fantasy-Gothic-Dark-Supernatural-Paranormal-Witch-eBook-Book-Cover gettyimages-864442928-612x612




Pack of 1-4 4 Please
Images: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Ideas: This is a musical based pack So I want one icon for each of the following musicals: Wicked, Hamilton, Dear Evan Hanson, and Aladdin.

  • For the Dear Evan Hansen one, I want it to have DEH in navy blue text. Either that or the words You Will Be Found. The png of the logo of Evan in his cast should be on there on a blue background. The overall color scheme for this one is white, navy blue, light blue, and a bluish green color.

  • For the Wicked one the png of Elphaba and Glinda should be on there or the png of Elphaba should be on there. It should have the name of the show Wicked or the words Defying Gravity. The text should be white or green. The background should be either black or green, The overall color scheme is green, white, and black…

  • For the Hamilton one, a png of the revolutionaries (Hamilton, Laurens, Mulligan and Lafayette) or of the star logo should be on there. The background should be silver. It should say Hamilton or My Shot. The color scheme is Gold, Black, and silver.

  • For the Aladdin on it should have a png of the genie or of Aladdin. The background should be gold. It should say either Friend Like ME or Aladdin The text should be purple. The color scheme is purple, gold, black, and silver.