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Pictures of Tommy:



@ty_fair @JMayflower accepted



Title: Monster


Author: Achoo (or no name on the cover)

Ideas: A girl with brown hair and blurred branches in front of her or in the background, that would be v cool. Something that looks mysterious. There can be a house in the background and some fog. It can be dark and ominous, or anything that suits the cover (I don’t mind it being light too). For the font, it can be something simple or maybe a handwritten font that you can blur/warp; that would be cool too. Some pics for inspo: | | |

Pictures: If you find other photos, I’m fine with that too

Thank you so much!


accepted but your last photo link isn’t working.


thank you!

hopefully this link works ~


yup that’s better


Title: All Rise
Subtitle: This is America
Author: Zeinah Omar
Ideas: so i’m thinking the american flag in the background with maybe a gavel or a court faded in the background as well behind shay mitchell. it’s basically a law/crime book , so you can also add a latin quote for law and maybe a scale. You can also add a close up of shay’s face that’s more serious in the background. I’d also like an american flag colour scheme? so like red, blue and white




here are your icons! I hope you like them! If you’re using please credit.


image image image


Title:My Life as the Victoria Secret Model
Subtitle: N/A
Ideas: I’M bad with ideas but it’s anyway i try my best I can get a girl and boy standing between the locker?
Cast: Francisco Lachowski & dove cameron


Title: Red Winter
Subtitle: N/A
Author: Amelia Harper
Ideas: Maybe a drop of blood hitting snow or a white background
It needs to have this sticker on it:

Thanks :smiley:


@DazzledSweetie wym by standing between? Like on opposite sides ?? @Spruce_Goose accepted


yes :slight_smile: the opposite side standing next too each other The what’s i was thinking sorry my English it’s not good


thats okay, accepted.


I think I did this correctly lmao I’m not too sure about youtube banner sizes and the white box is where they said it’s a logo safety zone? tell me if the size is jacked if you’re using please credit!


Yes, those are so badass! Will be using and will definitely credit you!


here’s your cover I hope you like it! I had to use a different picture of tommy so the beach and woods could flow better I hope that’s okay if you’re using don’t forget to credit!


Thank You So Much


I love it so much! Will definitely credit when it’s uploaded.


here’s your cover! If you need any changes let me know & if you’re using please credit