Free Graphics! CLOSED


Hey, quick problem, when I save the image it looks a little pixelated. :confused:
It looks fine on the site but not so much the app.


What’s ur email? I can email you the picture so it’s better quality.


I can PM it to you on Wattpad. User is Heartlessvibes, correct?




I love it thank you soo much!


Actually just in case there are
5 guys: Two blonde, two Mexican twins, and one Black haired
5 girls: One purple hair, One blonde, One black short hair and one long black hair, and one brown hair

And I guess have a forest element put in their somehow


hey, my post’s #292 which you’ve accepted- i’m wondering if you forgot about it? no rush though, it has only been 2 days, but i was just wondering cause those after me had theirs done, and i’m not sure if you follow a queue. :sweat_smile:


Omfggg I totally skipped passed that by accident I’m so sorry yours will be up next!


here are your icons I hope you like them! if you’re using don’t forget to credit.

image image image image


Sorry to rushed you but I hope you don’t forget my cover


I didn’t forget, yours will most likely be up tomorrow.


denied sorry I don’t think I’ll execute your cover correctly.


hi here’s your cover if you’re using don’t forget to credit


thanks so much i love it, i’ll be sure to give u credit !


This beautiful, I was wondering if the crowd could be right side up and everything else could remain the same.


i’ll be using them; thanks a bunch! :wheart:


here’s your cover if you’re using it dont forget to credit


here’s your cover! If you’re using please don’t forget to credit!


That’s amazing, thank you :slight_smile:


Omg thank you so much:)
I will definitely use it
Can you please do meone favor and changed my username on the blow To bubblecoca
Thanks I will posting story they :slight_smile: this’s a old a account