Free Graphics! CLOSED


Oh whew sorry but i can’t do 30


That’s okay. Thank you anyway c:


Well the person that did my cover here in the mdc does lmao whatever u come up with is fine as long as it looks like that it doesn’t have to have that certain texture! Is there any kind of payment besides credit?


And if you can find any kind of flowers that will go with it that would be cool too! :slightly_smiling_face:


Not really if you want you could follow me


Alright done!


Character or Regular: Regular
Ideas: I would like something similar to the cover, depending on which cover you referenced, I would like it to be similar. It must include an angel wing. I can’t really describe what I’d want because I have no clue what the cover looks like right now – but something similar, something to match it.
Words on Banner:
"Thank you for reading “One Winged Angel”
Novel Written By Laura Ann Lee
Thanks so much. I’m gonna request one final time and then I’m good to go. So sorry for the many requests.


Pack of 1-4: 1
Images: Harry Styles
I was thinking the icon could be Harry Styles with an angel wing; rainy background and rose petals falling. I wouldn’t be opposed to brush strokes, paints, anything like that. I would like a gloomy vibe but vibrant.

Thanks c:


here’s your cover! You didn’t give many ideas so I went with the flow if you’re using don’t forget to credit


okay so here are the covers I came up with I personally prefer the second one because in the first I couldn’t add the girl it wasn’t fitting right to me

which would you like the banner modeled after?


here are your banners if you’re using please don’t forget to credit!


denied sorry




I would like the second one, please <3


I love them and will definitely be using them! :slightly_smiling_face:


I’m not trying too starts an fight but Why I’m rejected When @LauraAnneLee request Again? I feel like you hate me:(


first things first I don’t hate you and multiple people have requested more than once here I don’t accept and deny requests based off if I like someone or not it’s based on if I can apply my efforts with the ideas you’ve provided and I could not do that with yours that’s why you were denied.


Love, Designers accept and deny by inspiration and ability. It’s nothing personal.


Thanks for clear that up my English is not my first language it’s was hard for me too poor out my ideas we are both speak different languages but anyway have a nice day


you don’t have to write out ideas do you have any inspirations covers? Like covers you’ve seen that fit your interests?