Free Graphics! CLOSED


yes I did have an impression cover but I don’t know how to upload the images seems wattpad changed so much


use <@img width=200 src@=" image link"> but without the @'s.


Okay thanks For clearly up the confusion


Obviously I know how that Works I’used too be covered designer myself But I quite So I know how that worked you don’t need too make the obviously :roll_eyes:


here are your graphics if you need me to change harry on the icon I will to the images you provided they weren’t fitting well with the icon but I could try again.



No need to try again, I love it! Thank you so much! :heart:



Title: thank u, next
Subtitle:Louis Tomlinson Fanfiction
Author: Laura Ann Lee
Ideas: I was thinking the cover could be something similar to this but with a brunette haired or jet-black haired woman sitting on a mattress. If you know how to face swap, I would like sky Ferreira face on the girls. The font being as simple as the one in the example. Or The cover could be something along the lines of this cover but have sky Ferreira or Louis Tomlinson on the cover with more of a rainy background. Or the cover could be similar to this one but with Louis Tomlinson.
Thanks c:


@Dredge116 denied sorry don’t think I could pull it off @LauraAnneLee accepted


okay so I had so much fun doing the louis car one omfg it was such a struggle to put Louis’ head on someone else’s because I’m not used to doing that??? but it came out okay? I’m so surprised and happy about it. I also did the sky one but it came out… see for yourself.


@radiostations I did this cover for you already. @S25189145 denied sorry


I love them but you put the comma in the wrong place. “Thank you, next.” hehe. If you can’t fix it then just remove the comma c:


oops sorry about that! I fixed 'em!


Thank you! I love them both!


I just wanted to take the time and genuinely thank you for making these graphics for me. You’re a fantastic designer. :heart: Also, Can I request one last time?


No problem, thank you and sure of course


Title: If These Walls Could Talk (or) Sweet Things
Subtitle: Harry Styles Fanfiction
Author: Laura Ann Lee
Ideas: I was thinking the cover could be something similar to this with Harry on the side and Avril Lavigne or, Emily Rudd, or Taylor Momsen on the side, maybe a face swap thing with a half-nude body, like maybe have the girl in the front and the guy in the back, but don’t make the cover exactly the same as the example. Or the cover could be similar to this, find a guy in a tuxedo and face swap his face with Harry’s, the background being a casino. Or just have Harry in a casino with poker chips falling. Or the cover could be similar to this but have like Harry in the middle and a wall over one side of his body. Or the cover could be similar to this. I just really want a unique cover, which you can whip one up because you’re awesome like that, and yeah. Play around with these ideas. Face swap isn’t a must

Anything else: I have two titles, if you could maybe make two versions of the cover with the two different titles, that’d be great. Also, if it isn’t too much trouble could I get a “Thank you for reading” banner too? I’ll do extra payment and everything.


Accepted will most likely be done tomorrow and yeah I’ll do a banner as well you want both titles on that too?


To see which title I prefer, yes, please


So here’s what I’ve come up with which versions do you prefer before I make the banners?