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I’m gonna go with “If These Walls Could Talk.” But whoa! Amazing work!




I love them! I’ll be using them both :heart: Thanks so much!


Where do you find your stock photos? Just curious. (aspiring artist here)


literally just google. I search what I’m looking for and go through the pics until I find one I’m satisfied with.


Any advice for face-swapping? (Sorry for all the questions)


Usually just get a photo in the same position/pose of the photo you want to face swap then cut the head part out and position and resize it until it it matches the other photo. I erase a lot and it takes time mine are still kind of wonky it could be way better I just need to practice.


I find them amazing! Thanks again!




Bump for you! :3


Thank you


Hi, I have a question. Do you do horror/mystery genre covers?




Could I request four character banners? I’ll complete payment c: (Sorry to be a bother)


go ahead it’s a desert in here anyway nothing else to do


Character or Regular: Character
Ideas: The background is a casino, have Emily Rudd maybe in a red dress or just as she is if that doesn’t work. I would love if you could add some bokeh textures to represent some spotlights; or just go simple and have her at a bar with a drink in her hand or without the drink but at the bar. I don’t mind. Go crazy
Words on Banner: Erixon Rose

Character or Regular: Character
Ideas: The background should represent a casino; preferably a dimmed casino room. I would love if you could add a few girls behind him; club girls Heck, maybe you use the same photo of Harry at the casino table or do something different. I surely don’t mind.
Words on Banner:
Harold Styles

Character or Regular: Character
Ideas: The background should be some sort of dark alleyway or behind a building, or beside a bar; with Zayn Malik. I’m not looking for anything too complex. If you could add him holding a gun or have a bag full of cash beside him. or something simple like him in a strip club with neon text or regular text but in a cursive-like font. (Could you add a cigarette in his mouth)
Words on Banner:
The Don

Character or Regular: Character
Ideas: I was thinking the background could be a city/town/England or a bar theme with Liam Payne and Louis Tomlinson on it, one on one side and the other on the other side. Something simple with their names beside them, close to the middle. Something pretty simple.
Words on Banner:
“The Good Brothers” Liam and Louis

I seriously want to do some sort of payment. I feel bad for asking all this of you and not being able to give in return. Eeek! But honestly, go crazy with these. I don’t mind what you come up with.


Great :smile:

Title: The Puppeteer Series
Subtitle: Welcome to the show
Author: The Tiger Writer
Ideas: Could you make one without the subtitle?

So, the idea I’m going for is horror puppet master circus freak. The main element in the story is a shadow man in a suit and top hat. I would like him to be on the cover as the puppet master.

In the collage, I added in title font styles. Don’t feel like you have to use those exact ones. As long as it has a circus freak show feel to it then it’s okay whatever you use.

Anyway, to give you a breather, the only things I would like are; dark colors (no blood), concealed face (the puppet master has no face so, yeah), top hat, and strings. If possible hands with strings, but just strings coming down is fine as well :slight_smile:

Oh yes, no people, no animals, no puppets.

So, the one on the top left is my current cover (for your inspiration). It has two important elements, a shadow man in a suit wearing a top hat, and, puppet master hands with strings. It does look a little like the shadow man is being controlled, but it’s been the closest attempt so far.

Okay. That’s everything.

Thank you for considering! :smile:


here are your banners I hope you like them! If you really insist on doing a payment you could leave a comment on the first chapter of my story Tell Me You Love Me.


Oh. My. God. They are incredible. I can definitely do that for you. Thank you, again! :heart:


this is what I came up with! If you’re using don’t forget to credit!