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thank you so much and of course i will give credit. such a beautiful cover!!


Title: House of Cards
Subtitle: can you keep a secret?
Author: Jay puff
Ideas: so I don’t really have much ideas for the background other then something with a dark teenfic feel? I like the look of both Sue me, Abode and No Brainer. It think having a house of cards would be cool, or maybe one like falling apart? With Katherine Mcnamara (see pics) as one of the main focus. Then maybe if possible include Elliot Fletcher and Alberto Rosende and maybe Emeraude Toubia if she fits. Id be okay with Just Kat, or Kat and any of the three as well. another Idea I had was like a house of cards falling apart, or card falling with images of the cast, (Kathrine, Elliot, Alberto, Emeradude, Mathew Daddario, Maia Mitchell. (see inspo) I’m not sure if it helps, but I’m kind of hoping for a dark teenfic mystery with a lil romance if that makes any sense
1 2 3 All the same pngs but 3 different packs (didn’t know which was better quality) cards inspo inspo 3




here’s your cover! If you’re using don’t forget to credit me!


Pack of 1-4: 2
Images: Avril Avril Avril
1: A Grunge-like background with grunge brush strokes; greys, whites, and blacks, maybe some reds. Add black hearts and stars. I would love if you could use Avril Lavigne. Shapes and weird lines are acceptable, as long as it looks grungy. Maybe even add “fuck” faded in the background. I really don’t mind as long as it gives the grunge-look. Same with the second icon, except use Kurt Cobain.

Thanks, love!


here are your icons!

image image


Perfect! Thank you!


OMG, I love the second one!! :heart_eyes:

Thank you so much, it’s awesome! :smile:

I just have one request: Could you make the author name a bit brighter? It’s a little hard to see.


Title: surviving the war
Subtitle: none
Author: bl4ck_wolf_
Ideas: I would like it to be like in a field after a war but with harry styles (superman), louis tomlinson (aquaman), camila cabello (iron man) and lauren jauregui (capitan america) in their respective suits
Pictures: I do not have clear images of what I want

I’ve really searched for covers everywhere and I can not find, I’d love it if you could do them, if you can not understand, gracais anyway


Title: Ms. Critique
Subtitle: none
Author: MsRedMonster
Ideas: minimalistic photo of a girl holding a book or reading a book. I really prefer it to be minimalisti. Mood should be light. Preferred colors are light pink and white.
feel free to use photos you’ll find. Thank you.


@TheTigerWriter I’ll fix it! @bl4ck_wolf you want them all on the cover in the suits? @MsRedMonster accepted


Yes, I would like the four with their costumes in the background to mention, as much as possible that louis is next to harry and camila next to lauren


Title: 1990
Author: Laura Ann Lee
Ideas: I was thinking the cover could be similar to this but use Harry and Selena Gomez with more of a sensual feel to it, like sexy? OR the cover could be similar to this one with Harry as a soldier. If you use the first one could you put an anchor or the Union Jax Flag on the back of his shoulder blade to represent being in the military? I was gonna say use Louis and Harry in an intimate scene, like together some way but I’m not sure you’d be okay with it. If You are, please use Louis for the first one instead of Gomez. The second one, I prefer Harry in a soldier uniform.

About the story: Private Edward Styles is on enemy territory and is about to die, or so he thinks. He leaves a letter behind explaining his love to his best friend.

I hope this makes sense. It’s okay if you can’t do it. Or if you have a better idea that fits the story, please, by all means, go for it. Also, sorry for the many requests. I promise they will be used.


Yayyyy thank you. :slight_smile:


here you go


Title: England, My Love
Subtitle: Harry Styles Fanfiction
Author: Laura Ann Lee
Ideas: I was thinking the cover could be similar to this one with Harry Styles; any position works as long as he has a phone in his hand. If you can’t do that one, maybe try something like this with Harry Styles; maybe add words in the background or random letters and numbers or random letters like this or like this

Thanks c:


It’s perfect I love it thank you so much!


Title: Somebody To You
Subtitle: Bradley Simpson Fanfiction (doesn’t need to be in the cover)
Author: imtotallynotokay
Ideas: maybe a picture of Bradley Simpson looking depressed or looking down. Or you could make it happy with flowers around him but it doesn’t really matter to me. Any pictures of him would be good but the current outfit I have is him wearing a blue and black plaid shirt and skinny jeans.


Title: Misfit
Subtitle: n/a
Author: imtotallynotokay
Ideas: a guy on his knees in front of a grave or a guy walking on a street with the sunset in the background or a guy sitting next to a lake looking off into the distance. It doesn’t matter to me which one.


Title: Broken Home
Subtitle: n/a
Author: imtotallynotokay
Ideas: maybe a picture of Billie Joe Armstrong looking down and crying or one of him just looking depressed or some guy standing at the bottom of a bridge like on a bank or a guy lying on the ground with a gun in his hand but not showing his head.