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Title: Hell of a Girl
Subtitle: -
Author: Tamia Daneille
Ideas: okay so my main characters are Cleo and Kiri. Cleo is an African American girl, so make sure to give her natural hair (whether it be natural curls, faux locs, braids, etc). A good face claim for her is either Jorja Smith or Yara Shahidi. Kiri is an Asian-American girl with dark, short hair, like, K-pop short. Although, I’d like her faceclaim to be Tiffany Young. Cleo actually mistakes her for a boy in the beginning of the story, so I guess that’s important. I also want maybe a small blade or gun somewhere in the back, because Kiri lives on the streets. I’d like the cover to have plant life, like leaves and foliage - like a garden. Clouds, too. I’d like the colors to be different greens, white, pinks, and yellows.


I hope I didn’t overwhelm you, and I hope you accept! Have a lovely day :heart:


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@bl4ck_wolf @MsRedMonster @LauraAnneLee here are your covers if you’re using don’t forget to credit I’m really bad at manipulating faces sorry


Hi! Thank you so much!! I will be using it. I will make sure to give credit once I posted it. Thank you so much. More power! :slight_smile:


I love it!


thank you very much, I will give all the credit deserved, I love


@LauraAnneLee @imtotallynotokay here are your graphics if you’re using don’t forget to credit


Thank you! Will credit :heart:


here is your cover if you’re using don’t forget to credit!


Thank you so much!! It’s awesome! :smile: I love it!


Thank you I love them🖤






Title: Blink
Subtitle: Novel by
Author: Laura Ann Lee
Ideas: I was thinking the cover could be something along the lines of a girl sitting in a bed with her back against the wall, sorta like this one if possible. Um, the book is about a girl who documents her life in a diary but falls into a coma from an illness and has to slowly put pieces back together. So, something to represent that. I suck at these idea things but I hope that makes sense. Have the subtitle in front of the authors’ name.

My final request, then I’m off to writing c: Thanks for everything!


Do you have pics like that one? I’ve been searching and can’t quite find one that matches well


Character or Regular: regular
Ideas: I was thinking WWE’s Paige standing in front of a red door and standing at the side of the door is Tom Hardy, like he’s watching her from a distant. Or Tom and Paige standing next to each other and in the background a beach with a lighthouse,
Pictures: image image image image image
Words on Banner:
Proving Myself.


I can search myself, but I have another idea if that doesn’t work. My second idea is something like this with a red-haired, brunette, or blonde woman. or something like this one

What I found


@LauraAnneLee @Dredge116 accepted


[quote=“HeartlessVibes1, post:1, topic:41207”]
Title:Bad Boy Called Me Geek
Ideas: image
Picture: Francisco Lachowki & Tyler Swift


here are your covers if you’re using don’t forget to credit!