FREE graphics!!

Hi all! I used to make covers on wattpad years ago and I loved it. I lost a lot of my old designs over the years but managed to salvage some and have put them on imgur to use as examples!


I’m now studying graphic design in university and will be graduating soon and have been brought back here to try and get a fresh set of images for my portfolio!! I’m hoping that every image will be an original graphic, but if you’re looking for something specific, let me know.

if you would like a graphic, please fill out this form:

subtitle (if any):
blurb or summary/vibe of story:
any ideas you already have:

tailor the form if you’re looking for a different kind of graphic! I’m open to anything but am hoping to get some covers, banners, and general icons! don’t take the examples too literally as I am trying not to use copyrighted imagery in my new covers!!

Hi :slight_smile: I’d love an icon. What information would you need to make one?

anything you think is relevant!

let me know what you’re looking for, what style you like, and what you want it to include!! thank you!

I’d love if you could feature my username (@breathingchemicals)
Some other ideas:

  • black and white themed (preferably, but this really depends on you)
  • my stories are all science fiction/fantasy, so anything to do with that
  • I love anything to do with planets, wings, etc.

Thank you :slight_smile: If I love it I’ll be back for a banner :stuck_out_tongue:

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here’s what I’m working with now! let me know what you think!

That’s perfect! I love it :slight_smile:

would you like me to add wings to the other planet/moon?

i’m glad you like it! I was worried the style might be a little much and i wasn’t sure if you had a preference

No, this is perfect as it is! Thank you so much :slight_smile:

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awesome! thanks again!! it was really fun to work on!

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Looking forward to working with you again someday :slight_smile: Will message you if I need help with any other graphics !

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Title: My Imaginary Friend is Suicidal
Author: vanityofvanities
Subtitle: and Other Reasons I Left the Faith
Genre: non-fiction
Blurb: “His name was Aaron. I held his arms down as he cried, insisting that he was wrong–that life DID have meaning, we just didn’t know what it was. I sat with him for hours, my chest heaving, tears flowing. I sat in my room, with the light off, with my back against the door. Eyes closed, I could see him. Eyes open–

I was alone.”

Basically it’s a deconversion memoir. Leaving Christianity.

Ideas: Relatively simple, since it has a lot of words to crowd the page. Maybe some sideways crosses? (Upside down crosses have other connotations, but sideways probably doesn’t?)

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It would be great if you can make me some covers for my story. If so, I would use it in my chapters and credit you for your work. If your design is more appropriate or it just feels right for the story, then I would definitely use it as the main cover. (=

Here’s my form:

title: Temporary Love
author: A.K.Reys
subtitle (if any): “You are my intention”
genre: Romance, New Adult, Mature
blurb or summary/vibe of story:
“So, what are your other intentions, Mr. Hughes.”
“You are my intention, Ally,” Harvey was taken back by his bold confession. His heart throbbed heavily as he waited for her response.

Ally Marsh is a 20-year-old college student who was always second best to everyone around her no matter the sacrifices she had made until she met Harvey Elias Hughes, a Marine veteran who had so much to give but no one to give to. Harvey wanted a fresh start from his past, and Ally needed someone to understand her choices. When their world collided, neither of them can deny their intense attraction, nor can they hide from it. But will moving on from their pasts jeopardize what they’ve found in one another?

any ideas you already have: I was thinking more into a lighter theme. Something bubbly or happy? Or something that makes you feel like it’s going to be a good read or will make you smile type of vibe. (=

Thanks a bunch!!!

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Let me know what you think of this! I just threw it together but if you want me to change anything let me know!!

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Hi! This is what I’m working on now, I chose to leave the subtitle out just because I think the image would make it too difficult to read anyway. Let me know what you think and if there’s anything you want me to change!

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Aw. I really like it. I’ll definitely use this in my chapters :slight_smile:

I will credit you in the chapter where I will be using this image.

If you have any more, I will certainly add it to my story. I have 16 chapters so far (=

Thanks again!

I also threw this version together for something different!! Let me know what you rather!

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thank you!! I sent my last message at the same time that went through but feel free to use both or none if you choose! it was good practice either way

This gives me darker vibe, but it will work for the later chapters I have in mind. (=

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