Free In Depth First Chapter Analysis, All Genres (Analyses available within 24 hours guaranteed)



Hello everyone,

I’ve been writing and reading friends’ stories informally for some time but I figured now would be a good time for me to expand my writing social circle. As such, I am offering to read the first chapter (no 20,000 word “chapters” please) of any story offered to me. There’s no application, no screener questions, I will read and give detailed feedback of any first chapter offered. No payment or favor of any kind is required, this service is free with no strings, literal or figurative, attached.

So why am I making such an open offer? Because I am as much an enthusiastic story reader as I am an author, and to show appreciation for talented authors, every week on Monday at 8 pm Eastern Time Zone, I will be sharing the story I was most impressed by the previous week both here on this thread and on my profile page for my followers to see. Of course, follows or reads of my work would be well appreciated but I think of those more as donations than necessary payment.

To ensure all writers who request my services get consistent quality feedback, I have standardized my critiques into the following three discrete categories which I’ll rate on a scale from 1-5, with 5 being a perfect score. As well, there will be a detailed explanation for why I gave it the rating I did.

  1. Is the main character a person or a prop?
  2. Is information conveyed through exposition or narrative?
  3. Does the plot as set up make sense and did I want to know what happened next?

Follow up reading of 2nd chapters and beyond will depend on whether I like the story or not so don’t offer me a chapter if you aren’t prepared for blunt feedback.

What I do guarantee for everyone though is an analytical breakdown of what drew me in or repulsed me in the first chapter as a reader, whether I think the premise of the story is interesting (keep in mind, it’ll only be an opinion), and all possible changes I could think of as an author to make it a more compelling opening hook. All of this within 24 hours, 7 days of the week (yes, I will admit I don’t really have much of a life :/)

A like/heart on your response means I’ve seen and put your story on my list.

While it is true that I will read any genre, I feel it’s only fair I give you some idea of my own background/areas of expertise.

Most Read Genre: Sci Fi, Fantasy is a close 2nd
Areas of Study: Biochemistry (formal schooling), Quantum Mechanics (more of a minor but also school), world history (for worldbuilding research)
Miscellaneous: I am asexual (meaning be VERY wary of asking me anything about a trope related to love/romance)


I would love if you read the first chapter of my book I Never Imagined. It’s romance. Here is the link

Thank you!


Received! Would you prefer a public comment or a private message with my full report?


Maybe a comment would be good. Thank you!


Alright. Expect that within 24 hours.


Thank you!




Do you count prologues as chapters? In any case, you can decide. :slight_smile:


Of course! If you consider that the opening, I’ll take it. As I told @SVTSwrites, I’ll have a comment up within 24 hours.


Hello, would you read my fanfiction? It’s more loosely based on a book series.


Sure. I did promise universal reading :wink:


Im intrigued by your genre of fiction. I also have to deal with politics in a lesser way in my story. How do you develop research for your plot lines?


I usually focus my research on the plot points relative to my project. For instance, right now I’m working on a fantasy series in which the main characters are on an island nation with a British cultural atmosphere. As such, I’ve been researching the history of Britain and the British Empire such as the Magna Carta, the Glorious Revolution, the Protectorate under Oliver Cromwell, etc. I’m American so stuff like that doesn’t get taught in schools so I have to educate myself on all of that. Its good to know actual British foreign policy history when I’m planning on major worldbuilding events such as my Britain expy going to war with another nation.


I’d love it if you could give my mystery/thriller story a read!


I currently have a character that is ~300 years old, grew up in Italy, lived in Switzerland, then moved to the UK…
I’m taking my chances with it hahaha.


That sounds interesting but also quite fantastical and not strictly bound to reality. I’d give yourself plenty of artistic license just as long as you don’t make blatantly false or contradictory claims eg “I remember the Mongol invasion!” No you wouldn’t; the 1200s were 500+ years before a 300 year old character was born.


So far, I don’t really focus on his past but yes It’s definitely something I need to mull over. World history is probably going to get incorporated a lot into my story as it goes on.
My prologue basically reads like a vampire mystery story in a small town but it becomes so much more.


I’m looking forward to reading it then.


Would you accept poetry?


Sure, if it’s not long. I’m not sure if I could give much real analytical feedback other then vague “I feel…” or “I think…” comments as I can’t consider myself all that educated in the humanities/poetry arts.