Free Mediocre Character Art


I’m a mediocre artist with no aspirations whatsoever. I have achieved my level of mediocrity from sheer hours of doodling in class without ever putting in any conscious effort to learn the trade or improve.

Send me a description of your character and I will put as much effort as I feel like into drawing them. I will either draw them on my phone or on a piece of paper.


  1. No price. My reward is the gratification of strangers paying attention to me on the internet (I’m so lonely -sob-)
  2. You can do anything you want with this art, including:
  • Repost it
  • Alter it
  • Print it out to burn in a bonfire
  • Put it in your book and lie that it’s fanart from a fan who loved your book so much that they just had to draw your main character
  • Post it on a blog that makes fun of bad art
  • Turn it in to your art class for a grade because you’re even worse at art than I am and you don’t want to be in that stupid class anyway, you just heard it was an easy A to fill your 5 credits of fine arts requirement for your GE but you never did any of the work and now it’s finals week and you have to do ALL your assignments in one weekend to raise your grade from a D- to a B-


image image

Anyway. Yeah. No form or anything, just tell me what they look like.


Not sure if I’ll request yet (just because it’s night time where I live and I’m tired), but just wanted to say that your drawings are really cute. :blush:


Actually, why not. I’m tired and lazy, but I’ll try my best anyway.

Character Name: Ravenna

Physical Description: Long and slightly wavy blonde hair, slender facial features, heart shaped face, very pretty, 17 years old, slender in build.

Pose/Expression: Maybe her hands on her hips if possible. If not, her arms crossed is also fine. Either way, her pose is prideful. Expression is also prideful (either a slight arrogant smirk or a serious, egotistical expression).

Clothing: Maybe a cardigan over a shirt with blue jeans. I’m honestly not picky about clothing.

Thank you! And if you have any questions, please feel free to ask! :blush:


Thank you! And thank you SO MUCH for requesting, because I would’ve felt awkward AF if no one did.

Anyway. I can’t draw either hands on hips or arms folded. All I can draw, is at least one hand awkwardly behind the back for no reason. But I did my best.


Mediocre whattttt such talent!


Would it be possible to request a “sock monster” despite having absolutely no idea what one looks like? o.O


That’s super nice of you to say!

(I definitely didn’t post this in secret hopes that people would say stuff like this, I am honestly floored to have received a comment of this nature.)

(Seriously though, thanks! <3)




I will worship you for the rest of eternity oh great one.


As you shouldimage

Pillow Fort Party
Pillow Fort Party

They’re adorable drawings. Really. I want to request a character.

Name: Eliana.
Description: She is probably about 5’5. She is blonde and wears a long white flowy gown. She also has white angel wings with blue eyes. Her hair is long and wavy.

Her expression also is more of a worried one. She is worried for the main guy character.


You’re amazing. That pic is sooo gorgeous!


I love your art!

Name: Helena
Description: She’s mixed race, with full lips, high cheekbones, amber eyes and medium brown skin. Her hair is black and falls in loose curls.
Clothes: A black cloak with a loose brown shirt tucked into straight legged trousers and boots. She’s also got a belt around her waist and a long knife.


Lovely art! :calmwolf:


Let’s give it a try… the description and everything can be found here :slight_smile:


Awww thank you so much!!! She’s so cute!!! :blush::heart::heart: You will definitely be credited if I ever publish the art.


I think your Art Style it pretty cute! Could I get a yeehaw cowboy?

Description: His features are soft and pretty while his frame is lithe and lean. Ever heard the term “twink…?” He’s got a random freckle here or there and you could add a busted lower lip if you’re in the mood. His hair is light brown with maybe just a hint of curl to it, kept short in the back but a little longer in the front with a wayward strand or two usually falling in his face.

He wears a coal colored dust coat and a black pinch front hat with a white stampede string on it. Under that he had a white button up shirt with a black vest and a black bandana with white trimmings. (Can be pulled up or left hanging around his neck.) He has dark pants and riding boots. He wears a dark bandolier across his shoulder and a gun belt sits cockied on his hips with a silver revolver sticking out of it - You don’t have to add all that. Hell, there’s a scene where his sporting a floofy can can dress and heeled boots if you’d rather draw that.

He’s a flirty little fox.


Hi! I absolutely love your art and would love if you drew one of my characters for me!

Name: Izzy

Description: very short for her age, big blue eyes, brown hair either down which goes past her shoulders or up it a ponytail with a headband. You can decide for that.

Clothes: she wears mostly her school uniform which is a navy blue collared shir and a navy blue skirt.

Also if you wouldn’t mind, she does theatre so it would be incredible if you could have both of her arms out at an angle. If not that’s fine too

Thank you soooo much!


Thanks so much for the nice comments! T_T I didn’t have any time to sit down and draw yesterday but I’ll do some of these right now


Here you go!