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Do you do any historical covers of works that are not published?

Post withdrawn.


It would be great if you would provide the pictures or inspiration. Also, the details.:smile:

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Hi, my request has been done by another thread, so I’ll have to withdraw my request of a Korean story.

However I do have an unpublished WIP set in Ancient Egypt. Would you be willing to have a look? If not I’ll withdraw.




Book Title: The Tales of Hebjeb
Author name: Wandering1234
Mood: Elaborate Nile river, with pyramids in the background and a rising sun. We’re in the basks of the nile.
I am aiming for this type of font and colours:
Please feel to reject as you explictily state you do only Chinese covers.


Should it consist of a person?



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Hi just saw this.

Amazing cover. Though I would use this, is this a royalty free image out of curiosity?

Person wise, nah you captured the essdance of what was needed.

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I used the image which you linked…Idk anything about the royalty though.


Ok still many thanks for the cover

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Your welcome.:smile:

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I don’t have a story in need of a cover, but I wanted to say that you seem super talented and you should be noticed more

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Thanks a lot! That is really kind of you…

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NP :slight_smile:


hii just curious here lmfao
if ya dont mind could you please help this one very lowly one if you do help in making covers for books that arent even published lol

book title: Serene Entity (人生安详)
author name: xijiu
mood: peaceful feeling preferably of humans
um only thing so far is this lmao qwq :sweat:

maybe ideas for the title’s font would be to be bold yet calming?// lmfao sorry i have no clue

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Do you need people in the cover? Also, what mood are you aiming for?

Wait…nvm about the mood. Just noticed that.


Here’s your cover. Hope you’ll like it. Feel free to suggest any modification required.:blush: