free premades • • • New covers added!



Normally, I have a really bad memory - I’m surprised I remembered ; ~ ;


btw what happened to the one with the moon?
(and is this account an alt?)


It was just a cover I played around with, nothing great. I got three others planned to add maybe so took that one down.
Not an alternate. I deleted my old one cause I needed to concentrate on collage, and now I’m back.


I was planning to request that one ; ~ ;

oh rip.-. I would never be able to delete my account cx


Good news, the three I planned for got reduced to two so I can put up the one you wanted, just as soon as someone makes their pick between two covers.


how many do you have pre-made o.o


Oh, some people requested covers through PM, made a few so got some of that. Plus I decided to make re-dos of some previous covers so I will be adding a few more for a variety. And the cover you wanted is up.


I have fallen in love with these covers.


ooh QuQ

the title is ‘REAP’ and in the author place, it’s just ‘astrxphoria’


yus ;u;


I shouldn’t be here bc I’ma want one. Lol

Tho one I see does seem to possibly fit with a book I’m gonna do hmmmmm



@coxkora is the sun and the moon one still available bc it fits a story I am planning on doing I gave the first three chapters written I just need to go through and edit them is all but I have the book itself published thoug

If not it’s cool :slight_smile:


It’s fine as long as you end up using it. That’s important :smile:


Oh sweet! :heart_eyes::heart:

So you just need to me to say what needs to be fixed or would you like a lil detail about the book/story itself (the writing up to is a bit small for me I’m on my phone lol)


I don’t think that would be necessary since it’s a premade and I can’t change a lot of things, so slight adjustments only.


Only thing I’d need changed is the title authors name is all :slight_smile:


Dude, that’s staple. Some people ask for total changes like the person. Also I had a made a different coloration for this cover, I’ll give both options and you can choose.


I don’t need a different person bc that person actually resembles how I picture the mc which is pretty cool

Oh sure I’m fine with that!


Here we go :heart:

Title: the sun and the moon
Change to: Evermore
Auhor name changed to: Brenna McCardle

Of course you can keep you made it and I’ll credit you in the blurb as well for it :heart_eyes: