free premades • • • New covers added!



thank you so much! it’s perfect~ :smiley:


bump ouo




Hi, Could I get the Of Lily cover with the rose on it.

New Title: In Order to Rule
Author: Deja Little

Could I also include Book One at the top of the cover? If not then that’s fine.



it is beautiful! Thank you. I gave you credit on my message board. Thanks again


@spongeboblover123 I don’t see the cover updated in your story. I don’t know if it’s a glitch but if you are not using to cover, please let me know so that I can make it available again for others.


@spongeboblover123 Due to non reply for two days, I take it that you are not going to use the cover. if there’s any misunderstanding, let me know. So it is now available to others.


have you tried sending her a pm?

(some people only come to the threads to request)


I have left a message, let’s see. I just need a reply to confirm. I’m not sure if there was problem uploading or not, it all depends upon their reply.


Sorry for the mix up but I do not get on wattpad during the week due to my busy schedule at work. However I did reply back to your message on my message board. Thanks again for the cover.


I’ll reply to you over there then.


New covers added.


Premade - Embers
Title - Fire
Subtitle - We were raised from the Ashes
Author - Ash


I don’t see your story. May I know when you would be uploading the story?


Oof. I forgot I didn’t post it. It’s going to be up a little bit later as I have to leave now, but I will tell you once it’s up





Hi! I’d love to use your rant cover!! No changes needed except maybe my username added soulpixie

If it’s possible change tittle to “hello” if not rant is just fine!