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Free Reads & Feedback

Hey fellow writers! So, I’m on the search for new books to read and thought this would be kind of fun. Whether you are a struggling writer looking for feedback on your story or someone who is simply looking for readers, then I am the girl for you. Plus, the best part is that it’s completely free!

All you have to do is comment your username and the name of your story.
Stories that contain a heavy amount of sexual content is not welcome. Sorry just not my cup of tea…

Also, it might take me a little while before I get to your story so be patient with me okay? :sweat_smile:

By the way, you will know that I’ve seen it after I’ve hearted your request and added your story to my TBR. I will also be doing this in order of request that way nobody gets left behind or forgotten.




Life, Love And A Little Coffee



Cedar Heights. Feel free to leave back any feedback.


It’d be great if you can take a look at my story and leave some feedback.
A Maiden’s Kitty


Hi, I have a question. Do you think that a story based on someone who went through depression and considered euthanasia, would do well? I.e. would people want to read it even if it’s quite a heavy topic?



Feel free to see my stories and read one if you want.
Thank you so much in advance!


Honestly, I’d say it depends on the person. I’ve known many people who love reading about heavy topics like that while others prefer to read more light-hearted stories. Also, I think the story idea would do well with those who love more heavy topics. It sounds like the kind that’s both intriguing and a little sad.


Thank you so much. This was a genuinely great piece of advice. All the best to you and your writing!


Story: Tales Beneath a White Moon


It depends on how you present it. Just ensure that it doesn’t turn into a 13 Reasons Why, and the character/s don’t allow their mental health to define them.


Descent Into Madness

Not sure it’d be your cup of tea, but it’s not sexual (minus one scene where the MC’s dreaming about his friend and crush and even that doesn’t go past one line of him checking her out).


Just posted my first very short story.
My Heart’s Memory


Thank you so much for your time and I hope you enjoy reading the story
Username: Never_Fail_Yourself
Title: Holding on to you


User: @Lizzythecutie
First story: Contemporary Love
Second story: Him & I


Username: @tesssparten
Book: Starrunners


Username: @DaisyDoesNothing
Book: Kingdom of Ash



Dear Bully






Lovely interests
I just started writing this book so there is only one chapter but I wanted to know what you think.