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For me. I would enjoy a slow burn story with this plot as long as it focuses on the personal struggles, and how depression truly affects people. Anyone who hasn’t dealt with it just won’t understand.


All the Lights are On
Thank you!


If you want, you can take a look at Breaking Point on @leighyeann. Alternatively, there is a collection of spooky stories on that same account called Deadly Vault. Your choice.



My story - The Sparabara Series


A Celestial Requiem


Planet OR Plastic - A journey towards end. (short story)

If you like poetry, you should check out my other work too “THE RED & THE WHITE”
I am new to Wattpad and still finding my way, will be posting more work soon.
Your valuable feedback is most welcome. Happy reading :wink:


story: the girl from swan lake



Story: When Time Runs Out

There are only 2 chapters up in the moment so it shouldn’t take you long to read it :slight_smile:


It looks like your list is getting quite full in a mere few days, but I have the first new book I’ve started in a while about a couple of teen witches who need to rescue their parents from the spirit plane.

My username is KeriHalfacre (my community account should be linked)
the book is called Cursed Gardens!


Username: @lethargicluv
Title: Despondent


Lol yeah, it is, isn’t it? :sweat_smile: But, honestly, I don’t mind. Doing this has allowed me to explore a lot of works while also interacting with other people on here (which isn’t something I do often on the internet). So, even though it may take me a bit to get to it, I’ll be happy to read your story and I’ve already sneaked a peak and it looks like something that I’ll be interested in. :smiley:


Sidewalk Flowers


Please, would you please read my story called Fairy Tail?

It’s a refined version of a Japanese manga series.

Provided here is the link to my profile.

Thank you very much.


If you’re cool with LGBT stories, here’s mine

Username: @iori_kei
Title: Fly High

I hope you can be as frank as possible, no need to hold back :slight_smile:


Hi :slight_smile:

Do you read poetry? I would love some thoughts on my recently finished collection.

Title: RAW
Genre: poetry
Blurb: People may shy away from the raw truth or close their eyes to negative situations. They may refuse to accept others who are different and limit them even though some are as capable as “normal” people.

But you cannot ignore these truths for long because they have a voice and they will make sure you hear them.

Trigger Warning: there is a poem about a rape victim, the school shootings, and children of war.

If some poems make you feel uncomfortable (while that is the intent) please don’t feel like you have to read them.

Thank you for considering :blush:


Username: @TockAC
Title: Handwritten Poems


Haunted Rayne


I’m totally cool with LGBT stories! I can’t wait to get to it and I’ll do my best to be as frank as possible :blush:


I love poetry and I’ll be happy to give you thoughts on yours. But, I will be skipping the more uncomfortable poems that you mentioned (thanks for the trigger by the way) so I hope that won’t be a problem. :blush:


Any of us my stories but mainly Legend&Ash