Free reads for authors with stories that have under 1K reads!



Subject line: Free reads!!

I want to help newer authors coming onto the site and who are having a hard time finding readers. I want to give both support and critique (if critique is needed). I will give as honest as of an opinion as I can and offer advice, and help for what flaws there might be. YOUR STORY MUST BE UNDER 1K READS PLEASE! For newcomers there is now a book available on my profile that offers these services and those who post there will take priority in being read first (My services are entirely free, so you do not have to worry about my stories, only yours). It would be amazing if you guys could comment your links under there and would make it easier, faster, and la little more organized for me so I can get to your stories than I can do here. Here’s a link:


Aww! This is both sweet and sad! I’m a little over one k so I’m not applicable but I love what you’re doing! <3


Hmm, I can still read your story if you want. As long as it’s just in 1K.


It’s fine! :smiley: Sending love you way, I support you in what you’re doing! :heart:


That’s so nice of you, would you mind reading mine? :slight_smile:
It’s only 96 reads so far


Sure thing, I like the idea of finding some good reads along the way! XD


Of course. What’s the name of your book? I’ll find it on your profile.


I’ll post the link here if you want:
Thank you very much, I appreciate the time you take to read it :slight_smile:


Alright, I read your story and posted my comment :slight_smile: you got my vote for your cute characters dynamic :smiley:


thank you very much! I saw it already, it was nice of you :slight_smile:


Hey! I’m at 51 reads on my story Nursing My Heart, would be lovely if you wanted to take a look! :smiley:


Would you mind checking out my story? It is only 3 chapters long and has currently 429 reads.

PLEASE READ 3S on my profile!


Hi, Im a long time wattpadder… anyone Filipino right here?


Oh that’s cool! You have 3 chapters and you have damn 429 reads claps


Read and commented on your work :slight_smile:


Sure, I’ll go take a look! :3


Thank you!


Thank you! I think it’s mostly due to the cover though! Through my journey on Wattpad I discovered that the cover of the book is mainly the key. Hope this gives you a helpful tip!


Thanks for that tip! Im agree to you. I got only 4 chapters and have 264 reads. then i unpublished it yet after the publish day haha because it shifts in the story path, i mean its furiously sequel. LoL Anyway, thanks again haha


Read it and I liked it! I added it to my reading list so I’ll be able to keep up in the future. Good work! :slight_smile: