Free reads for authors with stories that have under 1K reads!



Alright guys, I’m gonna finish the reads that I see right now (that are sent with links. Sadly it’s a bit harder to find when they don’t come with them :/) and am going to take a small break to write my own story Son of Chaos because writers got to write too :slight_smile:


I have officially republished the first chapter !! :partying_face:


Sorry. Totally forgot.


Please read Just Friends


Hi, can you read my story?
Title: I Only See Her Eyes: Unlucky Clover




Thanks so much for your opinion on it​:sob::heart:️:heart:️


Please post a link


Please post a link XD


Read it :slight_smile:


read it :slight_smile:


Sorry, but this isn’t in english so I can’t read it :confused:


PLEASE READ Distant Spring


Read it and I know your pain. I’m not even at the hundred mark yet XD lol


Read it :smiley:


Please post a link


Oops, sorry.


So I was thinking and came up with an idea. Instead of just people posting on this forum (which could be closed eventually due to how long it might turn out to be) I figure I’ll create a “Book” where people under 1K reads can request that I read there stories. That way hopefully I’ll be able to reach more people! Do you guys think it’s a good idea?


Well, I’m writing my first story in this account wattpad. I’m here for two years using this account and i almost 4years reading and writing here in wattpad. How 'bout you? how many years?