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It won’t allow me to link it.


read it!


Read please: From Far Away

Please give me critique and feedback on the story. Its not my first but it’s the first time for me writing this genre. Thank you :slight_smile:


Please follow this link and follow the instructions:


Hi. Sorry, forgot about the link. Here it is:

Thanks again :slight_smile:

#259 sorry! :two_hearts:


Anyone who wants to give me their stories please follow this link! ==>


Well, thank you


Thanks a lot!


I’m guessing it’s because grimdark isn’t a huge genre on Wattpad :slight_smile: and I’m also something of an introvert and not hugely active on forums–I have a daughter with Autism so that takes up the majority of my time/energy these days, rather than having a lot to devote to networking. Regardless–thank you so much!


Hi! I started writing my story 2 years ago but haven’t gone on here for ages. I really want to start it again so if your still checking stories out and critiquing I’d love it if you want to check mine out. It’s called Hotel Raven Here’s the link :slight_smile: thanks a lot :-):grin:


Please follow the link that I posted and comment your story there :slight_smile:


Thanks for this. Please check out my book SHATTERED HEART.


Please check out my book SHATTERED HEART.




My cell phone novel One Mutual Love?


Please follow the link in the description and post a link for your book there :slight_smile:


Haha it’s not really generosity. I get to read and make others happy! :smiley: I’m shocked no one really does this o.o


Fill yer boots with mine. They’re all under 1k


Then just follow the link posted above and post your link for which story u want read in the comments.