Free reads for authors with stories that have under 1K reads!



HAHAHA hi, Magandang gabi ngaun lol




Hi! If you have the time could you possibly read Birdy Walker and the First Kiss Thief (Short-Story, Teen Fic)

Thank you so much in advance!
B xxx


This is me at the moment, so if you have time please read I AM LARA and I’ll read yours :slight_smile:


Hullo! I just looked at this thread again and requested on your story. I know you do this for free, but I need to ask one thing. Do you only read one chapter and that’s it, or did you not comment on anything else?


I’ve got 1.7K, so not asking for reads, but I do want to tell you that this such a great thing to do, as it is so hard to reach that first K. All you authors under 1K, just keep striving, and you’ll eventually make it!


Agent X - After a mysterious accident Shane Martinez is invited to a covert operation called the Olympus project. Here he discovers that there is more to him than he had never known and he will need it for his own survival.



Hi, I posted a story in the beginning of this month called Game of Survival : Discovery and it’s a teenage science-fiction. I see that there are a lot of requests so I’m not sure if it’s humanly possibly to add my book to the mix, or maybe it’s not your cup of tea, but here it is just in case :
If anyone else is interested in reading it and get a feedback for feedback experience, you can always reply here or DM me on Wattpad directly :slight_smile:


Hey. I just posted a few chapters to my novel on here and would like a read if anyone is available to do so and if they’re interested. My username is @porsef and my story is The King’s Dogma.

Feel free to leave constructive criticism on the chapters or leave me a private message. I’m not looking for grammatical advice as much as I am advice on my pacing and if there is any confusion or repetitiveness in my work. While I’m not the best at it, if you critique my work, I can offer a critique on a story of your own.

Thanks for anyone who takes the time do check out my story. ( u w u )


If you’re still doing this, I just posted a story Idea called Life is Ruff.

BLURB: Life wasn’t always a walk in the park for high school senior, Alex Miller. Growing up in a place where dogs were able to roam the land at free will, he didn’t exactly have a choice about whether or not he wanted to be a dog person.

Now you may be thinking “Why would I want to read a story about a dog hating ass hat?” OR “What could possibly come from a story about a world of dogs?”

What happens when the boy that hates dogs, becomes one himself? Well…I guess you’d have to read the story to find out.

A story of life, man’s best friend and understanding nothing is easy. Even if you are…just a dog.



Hi! can you read my book ESCAPING FROM THEM?

Author name: @Bings2004

:smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Thanks if you do :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


This is an awesome idea!
I would love it if you could check out my book.
Hammerhold Tales: Thrallborn


That cover is awesome XD


Title: Chasing Her
Thank you!


Title: Scars of your love

I would love to know your opinion on it.:heart:


If you have time please read No One Else. I just published it. Here’s the link

Thank you :slight_smile:


Lol I just hit 1k the other day smh


I’d love it if you could take a look at my book. It’s less than 600 reads currently. I commented in your book with the same title, but I’ll post here, too.

Title: But He’s Going to Die Soon's-going-to-die-soon


Saludos yo escribo en mis tiempos libres y pues empece a publicar por aca, Soy nuevo en esta plataforma y pues si tienes tiempo y quieres leer sobre un Joven adulto que pasa de la oficina a librar una guerra. La historia se llama Sargento Remy Yago

De ante mano gracias