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I posted my story to your book! :slight_smile:


ok, so the number of reads is growing, but I am still under 1k :slight_smile:
changed the title: Silver Glass is the new title!


An Omen of Crows just hit 100 reads, I’d love if you could check it out!


I will read and give you honest genuine feedback on your book if you do the same. My book is only four chapters long but I will read your book no matter how long it is.

Reply to my comment or PM me if interest!


For whatever reason, I cannot copy and paste into the comment section on the link you have provided so I will post my story description and link here.

Sassa is sullied, stained, impure, a crossbreed of empyrean, lele, and hallowed lineage. Hunted like game and despised by all she’s merely trying to survive in a world that wants to see her dead.

On her journey to escape the west, she finds herself in the wrong hands and face to face with an ancient artefact she’d thought to be a fairytale. A wonder, a jinn. It’s real, and powerful and waiting to possess a new master.

But multiple prospects seek to claim it, for to have to the jinn is to have the world.

Azrael wants nothing more than to have a forged sword of his own, to prove his worth and to claim the most respected position in the empyrean army, commander and dragon rider. When he stumbles across the little abomination that is Sassa things get complicated as she slowly starts to unravel truths that the empyrean have hidden for centuries.


Thank you so much! My story has 55 reads, and this really helps authors who get shoved under those with more reads.


Wow what a baller cause! Thank you for doing this for aspiring writers.



Title: Seventy days
Author:Sarah Grimm
Description: Luri, a rich werewolf who has a struggling medicine business, bet her company for twenty million dollars to circumnavigate the globe in seventy days. It is up to Luri and her newly hired servant Andre to make it back home to win the prize.
Reads: 221
Thank you in advance!


haha I love this cover


Can you read my book Distortion? It is currently 1 chapter long, and I just want to see what I should and shouldn’t do in my future chapters. I don’t think anyone has read it yet.


I have a book called Half Life you want to check it out. It’s located on my profile.


i will (:


I also have another book called This Is My Story which is located on my profile as well.


Just posted a new story called Dear Bully on Wattpad located on my profile.


My story has 25 reads, woot! Lol. Here’s a link, though.’s-guide-to-accepting

It’s people like you who make the world sparkle~ :sparkles:


I’m new by a few days and have very few reads despite already posting 9 chapters. Would love some more feedback!


Would someone be willing to read over my novella, Bitter Lydia, please? I need all the feedback I can get :slight_smile:


I’d love it if you could give my most recent work a read.


Title: Crave
Author: KateAnnee
Genre: Short story