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Si a alguien le interesa yo tengo una novela de fantasía en español. Y agradecería alguna que otra crítica. :grin:


Wow! Thank you for offering such a service. I’ll post a link to one of my stories there.


Well, what have I got to lose? I have a completed book with 23 chapters that I’ve sort of had sitting on my profile for a while. It’s called Cycle of Vengeance and really I just want to get a feel for what the average viewer would feel or think of the style.

This is super nice of you, btw and I’ll just point out I’m offering a critique service of my own in case that’s something you ever need.


What you are doing is very generous. I am finding it hard to find readers. I am currently reading others which is amazing to find such great work. If you are interested, I have two books on my profile. One is a mystery/thriller called The Narcissist and the other is a dystopian called, The Prohibited: Violet’s Journey.
Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Psychological Thriller - Getting great reviews.

General Fiction/Dystopia - Also getting great reviews.'s-journey

Please feel free to give any feedback on either of my books. I take criticism and critiques very well. Nothing offends me. I only helps me tighten my work. Thank you so much.


What you are doing is very kind and amazing (: I was hoping you can check out my books? Both are under 1k right now. Take your time with them, if you have any books I will put them on my reading list so I can return to the favor once I get some more time on my hands!
Thank you!


I need help critiquing


Hi, I’d appreciate it if you guys read some of mine and let me know what you think!::
Earth 2.0:


The Love Between States(NC):

T o x i c(NC):


Hey! I’ve used you before and, if you wouldn’t mind, I’d like to use you again.
This is my first attempt at writing anything within the Romance genre, so any little bit of help from anybody is appreciated.
(Also, I posted here and only here because I couldn’t comment a link in the book)’s-kitty


Mine’s currently at about 500 reads!


Thank you for the chance! But it won’t let me paste a link there?


Aw man, my story just reached 1k (if you’re still interested, it’s called ‘Fly High’). I have other stories below 1k reads though.

Since I’m a new user, Wattpad doesn’t allow me to post links. My account is @iori_kei. The story is called ‘Halloween’s over but the nightmare continues’.

Thanks in advance!


@AshesToBurn I would love it if you could give me some feedback for my story titled Beauty within the Beast. as of writing this, it has 70 reads. Thank you for your consideration! :grin:

Summary: A Beauty and the Beast retelling in which a bride is sent to be sacrificed to the Beast’s castle every year only to be returned as a dead body within a month. Our protagonist has no intention of being a faithful bride and instead wants to kill the Beast.


Hi. I can’t post my wattpad link under your page for some reason so I will add it here. If anyone wants to read it go ahead.

Title: Lif and Lifthrasir - Asgardian Tales.

Summary: Power has a price.
This is a lesson every Half Blood learns from birth. No Half Bloods know it better than the Lifs and Lifthrasirs who posses the power of Yggdrasil itself, able to manipulate the dimensions of Life and Death throughout all 9 Realms. Everyone knows who they are and celebrates their triumphs and skill as they fight with the greatest Warriors at the Tournament held during Comharrachadh Beatha, the Celebration of Life that occurs once every Asgardian Year, the equivalent of 1,200 Earth years.
The price?
These Heroes outlive all other Mortals, their only choice for happiness is to curse their beloved with a “Blessed Apple” derived from the famed immortal apples Iduna guards, trapping their loves ones in a land constantly overflowing with adventurers while they are never able to leave. If they refuse the apples then Heroes have to watch as their friends and family grow old and perish while they hardly age.
As if that isn’t cruel enough, Odin revealed a terrible Prophecy which involves them - Ragnarok, the final battle of the all beings -Mortal, Ethereal and Incorporeal - where the Cycle of Immortality itself will end, killing beings who have never died with a Lif and Lifthrasir playing pivotal roles in those events.
The Patrons of Old had to create the Accords - a treaty setting terms for all future Lifs and Lifthrasirs and their youthful counterparts the Adhains and Dorchadais, having them sacrifice their freedom and ultimately their lives in order to keep Midgard and the humans in it safe. Now these Half Bloods are forced to train as Warriors and serve under the Guardians - a council of members from all 9 Realms who send them off on missions so that their powers are shared equally. It’s an agreement that has kept the peace for almost a million years but, as Odin himself revealed, all things come to an end…




Dear God, help me." I whispered in between breaths.

" No God can help you now. You belong to me." His demonic eyes bore into mine and caused a shiver down my spine. Within seconds his mouth captured mine and the flames of hell poured down my throat.

In between tests and work, Angelia never gets a break.
 Her parents expected perfect grades from her at a school
 that contained nothing but die hard Christians. One terrible night 
in her dorm room brings upon a massacre of students. The culprit keeps
 striking and leaving no trace of evidence. Rumors spread among the peers 
about students using Ouija boards that night and possibly opening a portal to hell. 
What's worse is that her best friend is missing and was in that room with the other students 
during the accident, but her body was never found. Angelia strikes up a deal with the only person that 
could give her clues to the mystery, little does she know that she has formed a pact with a powerful


Hello AshesToBurn, this would be a great help to me. I would love some feedback to a small excerpt I have published from a novel I have been working on. I know that it isn’t much, but I would still like some feedback to make sure I am on the right track. It is a Star Wars Novel, so you have been warned. Thanks again, I appreciate any and all feedback.

Title: Star Wars - The Fallen Order
Chapters: Just a prologue
Genre: FanFic/SciFi
Link: [ ]


That’s so sweet. I’ve been a reader on Wattpad for years, but I have only now mustered the courage to start writing. The first few chapters of my first book are published. I have some more in cue. Would appreciate some reads; more importantly, I would appreciate feedback.

My book is called: The Story of Declan Blake. I want to change the title, though can’t find the perfect one just yet.

Thanks in Advance.


I commented the link on your book but, I thought I’d also comment here just in case. I think that what you’re doing is so nice!

Would you be able to check out my story, The Princess’s Price? It has a whopping 30 reads, and I’m pretty sure they’re all mine, lol.

Title: The Princess’s Price
Genre: Short story, fantasy, romance’s-price

Thank you so much!


Left a comment with my story link at the link you left^^ I’d love both a critique and to hear some things you enjoy about it.^^


I would like to have both a critique and your thought on my story :slight_smile:
I tried to left a link on your book but for some reason I couldn’t, thank you for willing to do that! It’s very nice! :hugs:


Hello, this is very thoughtful of you to do. I left a link on your book. My story is called Immune and is a scifi/dystopian book that currently only has one part (but I’m working on it). Any critique or advice you can give is welcome! :grin: