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Thanks in advance for giving my book a shot. :slight_smile:

TITLE Therapy sessions of an almost functioning human
SUMMARY I’m starting this story where this girl tries to make her way through life while trying not to take the absudity of existence too seriously. Tell me what you think about it :wink:

"-I had a horribly busy day converting oxygen into carbon dioxide.

-Fair enough."

Here’s a little quote

I waved at her and made my way down the stairs and through the glass door of the bulding. I closed it, feeling the cold handle on my fingers and the crispy winter air engulf me in a warm embrace.
What a lovely day not to commit suicide, I thought to myself before heading to my house.


Hard to believe I posted in here during September when my story was new and now have 14,000 reads since that time :slight_smile:


I love what you are doing.It is really hard to get readers in a site full of amazing writers.:smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I used to only read but recently I have started to write but it gets very few reads I think it gets reads only from me while I’m editing :sweat_smile::rofl::pensive::pensive:.I would love some criticism.

:point_down::point_down:Here’s the link
Time Pieces


It’s awesome to find people like you who are willing to give unknown authors a chance, I really appreciate it and I know many of us do the same <3

Here is the link to my story if anyone wants to give it a chance, you can always make suggestions!


Beneath Us by undefined


Yo hablo español y bueno aprovecho, si te gusta leer te dejo mi historia, espero me puedas ayudar y darle una checada:


¡Hablas español! ¿Podrías ayudarme con mi historia? Me gustaría que me dieras una opinión, intento promocionarla entre personas que hablen español. Agradecería tu colaboración, en verdad que lindo que aprendas el idioma :slight_smile:


Hey! I’ve recently uploaded the first few chapters of my book called DIFFERENT . I’m looking for new readers and I would really appreciate it if you read and review my work. Check it out!!




Will you read my book? I just started writing it. It just has prologue. But can you tell me how it is. Is it worse ?


Hello everyone. Just started WATTPAD recently. If anyone has the time, just visit my page and read The Uncovered. :slight_smile: Thank you.


My book is a little over you read limit, but not by much; I would love some feedback on it (if you enjoy reading it, feel free to keep on reading!)


Genre: Fantasy, High Fantasy, Epic Fantasy
Short Summary: After her adopted younger brother is kidnapped by the minions of a mad sorcerer, a young woman must journey through a magical world in order to save him.


hey so… I’m kind of new and yeah… I started writing a story because writing is my passion since I was a kid.
English is not my mother language so…sorry for the errors in advance.


love the idea of using wattpad as a journal!


Yes. Thank you. :slight_smile:


¡Por supuesto! tal vez no la gramática…

Sorry, I gotta switch to English since I’m on mobile.

I can kind of write in Spanish but not without assistance, and same thing with reading. I can understand some words but I have to use google other times. I can’t help with grammar, but maybe spelling? I’ll stick to plot and stuff, but it may not be for a while… lots of stuff in my life going on right now but I’ll try!


hey, i think what you are doing is extremely noble of you! appreciate it, and i think that it speaks a lot about you, as a person.

whenever you’re free, could you please check out my book ‘flippers’? it has around 350 reads, and the main theme is around body positivity and anti-bullying. would love to know what you think about it. here is the link:

please do let me know if there is anything i can do for you x.

much love.


Hi whenever you are free perhaps read a new story i have, its below 50 reads so i think i’m good.

It’s a vampire and werewolf genre so i hope you like it.
Blood Dolls

Ok so I tried to post a link in the comment section of your story and it wouldn’t let me…I don’t know if it’s just me but I thought you would want to know. Also this is a Marvel/Avengers fanfiction but it contains no ships (except as comedic refrences) or language and it’s actually written rather oddly (I decided to try something different). If you like the way it’s written that’s great but if not, and if you don’t mind, can you please comment so I can maybe edit it it or something. Thank you and um…yeah.


Hi! Thanks so much for this chance. All I’ve wanted is to have readers on my WIP. I don’t mind if they aren’t a lot. Just those who would relate to my characters and their experiences. It would fill my heart with joy knowing that my characters not only live in my heart but also in others. Thanks again! Your comment, no matter what it is, would definitely brighten my day.


This book is my baby, I would love some feedback on it.


Hello everyone. This is my completed story, named “Soul Divided”. I’m certain that it is not perfect, but that’s why we’re all here, for extra opinions. :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance!