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Hello my story under 1k read is my revamped BLACK ROSE.


Hey! If you’re into sci-fi, and especially a fan of series titles, then have I got the story for you. SECTOR 10 is the prequel novel to CLOUD 9 (published last summer).


In 2086 Ellis Bartram’s tech-conglomerate Delphi Corp. must find a solution to its automated failures and put an end to the economic crisis. When a group of scientists in Washington, D.C. discovers Delphi Corp.’s Cloud software is the culprit, an experiment to repair the supercomputer with a neural-link sends them back in time. A war between Greys and a race of reptilians named Yhemlen is bourgeoning across parallel universes that threatens to annihilate both worlds. Once humans enter the fray, Bartram and his accomplices are forced to solve an ancient mystery before their home on Earth is destroyed.


If you’re still doing this I would love for you to check out my stuff if you’d like. :blush:

This is my poetry collection that has 94 reads.
Title: Swallow Me Dry
Genre: Poetry
Status: Ongoing
These are basically my feelings and thoughts put into poetry.
This collection is here to help others know that they’re not alone in what they’re going through.
Tables Of Content:

I also have an adventure story, with only the prologue up thus far, but would love for you to read this as well.
This one only has 1 read. And that would be me. XD


If you’re still doing this I’d love to have two of my stories checked out!

PREY: The Eden Waters Series Book One:

My name is Eden Waters and my life is far from normal.

I’m part of the Paranormal Crime Division and my job is to punish paranormal creatures that don’t follow the law. My everyday life has always been weird but when a string of murders happen my life is turned completely upside down. Join me as I work with an infuriating master vampire and a charming alpha to solve these murders. Will we catch the killer? God, I hope so.


UNTAMED: The Eden Waters Series Book Two:


"The alpha has called for me and when the alpha calls, you answer. "

Paranormal creatures? Check. Kidnapping? Check. Mysterious alpha? Check.
I made a promise to protect the shapeshifters from radical humans. Now, those same shapeshifters have been attacked. To top it all off, a young shifter named Tommy was taken. Now, I have to find Tommy before war breaks out between the shifters and humans. Join me as I work with the alpha of the Eastern shifters to find Tommy. Will we find Tommy before it’s too late and why is there something about the alpha that makes me want to run?

AUTHORS NOTE: BOOK TWO OF THE EDEN WATERS SERIES* This can be read as a standalone but I would suggest reading the first book to fully understand what’s going on. Updated every other day or more!


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Hey! If you’re still doing this I would love some feedback on my stories.

Title: Images On Paper
Genre: Poetry
Status: Completed
Words and feelings that come to my mind and I write the images onto paper. Most of these will be sad, but hopefully not all.

Title: Eluding The Past
Genre: Werewolf
Status: Ongoing…
Juniper is a sixteen-year-old girl who lives just outside of Casper Wyoming. She’s been moving from home to home constantly in the foster system as long as she can remember.
And just like most other teens in the system, she’s just waiting for the right moment for her to run.
But just when she found her window to do so, her plans had to be put on hold for another adjustment. She was stripped out of the home she had been staying in and was put into with another family in a whole other state. Washington.
She planned on sticking to her original plans of escape. But now something is stopping her and she doesn’t know what.
Little does she know how this change, will make all her plans take a turn for the worse.

o o o o o

This is the first drafting, so please bear with me on this.

#1 IN HAUNTED PAST {3/3/2019}
#13 in 2019undiscovered1k {3/3/2019}
#22 YoungAdultRomance {3/5/2019}

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Hi! I thought I would post both here and on your book as well in case you are more active on here instead of your book.

I am currently writing a novel that is just under 200 reads and it would be lovely if you could take some time out of your day to read it! Here’s the details:

Title: Being Butch Green
Genre: Humor, action/adventure
Summary: A file. A boy. A criminal. An illegal medical lab.

All is not what it seems when young rebel, Butch, decides to make a run for it with his criminal file. There is just one problem… he grabbed the wrong file and now he is wanted by the police. On a single chance encounter with the brother he hates so much, Butch never expected his plans to return the stolen file to go so wrong.


Hii! so I just stumbled here but if you’re still doing this I would love if you could check out my story! This my first book ever !

Here’s the link:’s-competition-love. :blush:
Title: A Billionaire’s Competition & Love
Genre: Romance
Jo is just a girl who thought she had everything, and her future planned according to her dreams - the boyfriend she thought she was going to spend her life with and a foot forward into her dream career - but life does like to take us through the hard path instead of the easy one and to work on its own way.

Richard Blackwell, looks that can bring any woman to their knees and like Jo he thought he had everything planned in life and set to take its course but like I said life does like to work on its own way… and after going through a bad breakup Richard got lost, leading him to choose to live a life of debauchery, making him hit pause on his plans and dreams, thus becoming one of America’s most infamous billionaire playboys.

Years pass and Jo leaves her home to start a new life in New York, to study and work, she ends up landing a job at a big company, building a career and a reputation on the business world as an up and comer. Little footnote here, Richard is the heir to Blackwell Enterprises one of America’s biggest companies… the same one where Jo has been working for a few years and has just been promoted.

What will happen when Richard’s dad announces to the press that he’s going to retire around the end of the next year and might be considering passing down the company to someone else other than his son…Will Richard get a wake-up call and fight for his company ?

They both have been broken, hurt and lost, but end up in each other’s path…what will happen when they meet for the first time ? Will they fight or find their way to one another ?!


This is super kind of you! I have shared on the link you provided and followed you.

it’s my first novel ever, please enjoy


This is the nicest offer I’ve ever read, I honestly don’t know what I’m doing…:upside_down_face:


It’s not the best out there but I can dream,
I’m the only one that read it for misspelling.


This is so sweet! I know my story isn’t so good but i hope you enjoy!

Thank you!!!


Liberation: A Poetry Collection ∣✔∣✔