Free reads for authors with stories that have under 1K reads!



Thank you for doing this, it’s really kind of you :cherry_blossom:


Title: Lighthouse


Read it:)


My phones being picky sand refuses to let me comment so I’ll have to catch up on your stories later :frowning: sorry guys!


This is extremely nice of you and I have no idea how you can read all this, but I’ll throw mine in the loop.



Thank you!


Hi there! How are you guys doing!

Um I was going to ask for your opinion on my crackfic but IDK if you know the fandom

Title: Missing: Jessica Ruthback


It has 30 reads now!

God bless you for doing this


Please read Rose of Fire.
It has 359 reads and is longlisted for The Wattys.

Thank you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Hey! The translation of the first two chapters is up and running :smiley: Here’s the link :

Thank you so much for your kindness and your time. It’s really really appreciated!


PLEASE READ tuesday & max.
currently at a lovely 68 reads. :partying_face:


PLEASE READ: The Psychology of Being Fat
Reads: 500


PLEASE READ: Soul Divided
Reads: 74

Thank you in advance :slight_smile:


Awwwww!!! TYSM for doing this! If you’re interested, this is mine (I don’t see a form, so I’ll try my best)
Title: Phoebe Cooper and the Prophet’s Book
Genre: Thriller/paranormal/fantasy
Status: Ongoing
Reads: 179

I would appreciate your comments as well!


PLEASE READ: It Happened on a June Wedding.

I just started out with this book, and I’m hoping to get feedback about it. Thank you!


Sorry I haven’t been able to get any reading done for you guys yet. Had a bit of a spat with someone I love but I’ll read your stories soon as I can!


PLEASE READ I have two books “Accidental Quest.” It’s a mystery-romance-action novel I am working on right now. And “Dangerous Roommate” a romance novel. Both of them are under 1K reads. I appreciate your thoughts. :slight_smile:


Kumusta? I am a Filipino author here. :smile:



My book is titled Daughter of Calypso. I just started writing it, and it is at 20 reads right now. Please check it out :smile: //

Thank you!


Hi There! I’d love it if you could check out my new fantasy romance novel Enchant Me ! Thanks!


Hello. Please read Renegades, my sci fi WIP.


PLEASE READ All’s Fair In Love