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Finally! There’s Filipino Here! HAHAAHA LoL! :smiley: :smiley: Im great even im busy in working my html. LoL Ikaw? Musta?


Hey, there! I am relatively new to the site (I’ve been on for about a month and have 330 reads as of today. So, while I’ve had some reads on my story, I’ve not gotten a lot of feedback aside from “it’s good”. If you could look over what I’ve got, I’d really appreciate your feedback. I’m so new in fact that I don’t know how to put up the link to my story, but I’m assuming you can find it on my profile?
It’s an apocalyptic type story following a 16 year old girl trying to reunite her family. There’s action, some gore, a little bit of sci-fi type stuff. Please let me know what you think.
Thanks so much, hun! :heart: ~Christina~


@AshesToBurn hey there i love what you are doing here.
so can you help me out as well and give my book “How I lost my virginity…” a read. any criticism is appreciated.:sweat_smile::kissing_heart:


HI, i’d like you to read my story (The Outerworlds), its not actually anywhere near complete yet, but it’d be nice to get some feedback on whats up at the moment.



I’m good, currently writing my mystery novel “Accidental Quest” since the past few weeks. I want the first draft finished by end of September. How about you? Are you writing something here, too?


please read mine xxx


You have to state the title of the book you want the moderator to read :slight_smile:


my deep thoughts :blush:


Please post a link :smiley:


Send a link please :3


Send me a link please!


Please give me a link :smiley:


sorry 'bout that haha

and thank you!!


Heyo~! I’m working on a new book called “Into the Green”. It only has the prologue out right now, and I definitely need to get publicity and a trailer for it, but I am SUPER excited. It is a murder mystery that dabbles into all kinds of stuff.

I can’t really say what stuff because that would spoil it, but I can give you a small list of the arts that inspired me to write it:

  • Riverdale

  • Sharp Objects

  • King’s Den (another book of mine)

I would really appreciate it if you checked it out! Also, I’m always looking for good reads so don’t just think I’m on this thread only for my own benefit. :slight_smile:


If you’d be so kind as to check out afterward, that’d be lovely. It’s kind of a surrealist piece, and a bit on the long side, but one I loved writing so much. This very small excerpt from the first chapter more or less explains what to expect from the rest of the story:


Please post a link :slight_smile:


Please send a link :slight_smile:


Yeah, I could tell and was shocked. I don’t know how this doesn’t have more readers. O.O


Please send a link! :smiley:


Oh, sorry. I forgot to link. Here it is below. Thank you so much :smiley: