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Okay, I don’t really know how yo use this to make it pretty yet. So I’m just gonna go with it not looking pretty. I’m doing these for free cause these are things that I’d like to practice with more. You can order as many things as you once, and feel free to order fakes. (put if it’s fake or not in the anything else section cause if I have real ones to do I’d rather do them first)

Here are the examples I already have for graphics, and here’s the trailer examples.

Trailer Form (I am no longer accepting trailers until I get caught up)

Book Title:
Character Names: (and brief personality description)
Scenes: (put links here)
Book Summary:
Anything Else:

Playlist Form
Genres to avoid:
Songs to include:
Youtube or Spotify:
Number of songs wanted: (feel free to put a range.)
Type of Playlist: Story Character Relationship Chapter
Playlist Name: (or what info you think I might need to name it)
Brief Description: (of whatever above)
Do you want to be able to add to playlist:
Do you want physical graphics: (like this)
Anything Else:

Aesthetic and Moodboard Form
Color Scheme:
Pictures and gifs:
Things Character Likes/Things Related To Character:
Aesthetic or Moodboard:
If Aesthetic…
How many pictures:
If Moodboard…
Character Name:

Todo List


Playlist Form
Mood: Angst, yearning, anger, sadness
Genres: Alternative mostly
Genres to avoid: country, pop (as in top 40’s) reggae
Songs to include: In THIS link I have songs that remind me of them, with certain lyrics from the song that remind me of them so you can get a sense of the type of songs I want. BUT I don’t want these songs on the playlist, I’m just trying to discover new ones :slight_smile:
Youtube or Spotify: Spotify
Type of Playlist: Story Character Relationship Chapter
Brief Description: (of whatever above) A relationship between a strong, selfless, noble prince and his love for a girl who is the embodiment of evil and darkness. He has to choose between his love for her orrr the throne and all of the people counting on him. LIkewise she is in love with the prince, but discovers that she’s next in line to lead the underworld and all of the darkness that inhabits it. Eventually she chooses the darkness and destroys his heart
Anything Else: This isn’t a fake just btw :slight_smile:


Not sure if I will come up with more or not, or if you can do this or not


Playlist Form
Mood : Angst, yearning, anger, sadness
Genres : Alternative mostly
Genres to avoid : country, pop (as in top 40’s) reggae
Songs to include : I don’t have many songs for him as I’m trying to find one’s that fit, but "Morph
by Twenty One Pilots is a good song to include

If I keep moving, they won’t know
I’ll morph to someone else
What they throw at me’s too slow
I’ll morph to someone else)

Youtube or Spotify : Spotify
Type of Playlist: Story Character Relationship Chapter
Brief Description: (of whatever above) Playlist for the Villain in my story. For the whole first part of the book he is seen as the main character’s best friend, but really he’s a snake, and the one who’s been making her think shes going crazy. While he is “bad”, his main purpose for doing so is revenge, and mostly a plan of revenge that his father has set him on. He doesn’t want to do the bad things he does, but his dad is abusive and makes him do it. A lot of angst as he tries to discover who he is. (You can look at Draco Malfoy related playlists because I could see a lot of similarity in their characters?)
Anything Else : This isn’t a fake just btw :slight_smile:


Songs: dust and light remix
Scenes: Jurassic world 2 trailer 2 (begining scene and last scene)
Godzilla 2014 (nature has an order)

The first scene opens with a shot of Isabel’s parent’s home. “I had it all…” A picture of her family “I had love…” A shot of her boyfriend “I had friends…” A scene of her friends laughing… “But… Life finds the way to ruin it…” Her voice fades.

A shot of Isabel looking at the nightly rain from a window in a room. “He will pay… For the lost of my friends, my family. My life… For which he will pay with his…”

A grotesque Black reptile hand claws the wood floors as it is dragged back into the dark…

“Im not going to hunt him. No. Im going to kill him…” A amber orange eye opens and appears to float in the dark.

“I will avenge them…” The eye is revealed to be a indoraptor as it roars at the screen… 

The Shades Of Death: H U N T E D

A asian man sits at a conference room looking at a group of scientists and says

“nature has an order… A power to restore balance… I believe she is that power”


The character’s voices should be cold and solem


Is there a secific playlist name you’d like?


For the first one “Two Hearts, One Crown” and for the second “The Betrayer” :slight_smile:

(also, if you change your mind and want payment, just ask! I understand it’s a lot of work!)


What’s the book title




Aesthetic and Moodboard Form
Color Scheme: Black, silver, tinyyy bits of red
Pictures and gifs: one| two| three|four|five|six If these don’t work that’s fine! I want them to all be the same color scheme so whatever you can make work
Mood: dark, sultry, dangerous, seductive
Things Character Likes/Things Related To Character: Dark magic, demons, black leather jackets, platnium blonde hair, silver daggers, black cats, gothic cathedrals etc
Aesthetic or Moodboard:
How many pictures: 6


I ended up making the aesthetic before the playlists, I tried it with different psds if you’d like anything changed just let me know
here here and here there’s alsothis one


Moodboard Form:

Color Scheme: Burgandy, gold, black, elegant type of colors.

Pictures and gifs:

Mood: Elegant, authoritive, powerful, air of royalty, classy.

Things Character Likes/Things Related To Character: A raven and a red ribbon are relevant symbols. She’s authoritive, powerful, influential, manipulative. Wears beige or black leather cardigans over dark burgandy. Very classy in both fashion and personality.

Aesthetic or Moodboard: Moodboard

Character Name: Ravenna Griselda

Quote: “My way or the highway.”

Btw, this is not a fake.


Playlist Form
Mood: Sad, depressed, struggling
Genres: ALternative music, indie, pop
Genres to avoid:screamo, metal, country
Songs to include: In my veins- andrew belle, I’ll be good-jaymes young, unsteady- exambassadors are some songs that share that aesthetic
Youtube or Spotify: spotify
Type of Playlist: Character
Playlist Name: (or what info you think I might need to name it) Addict
Brief Description: (of whatever above) Chance struggles with a drug addiction and can’t seem to get better. He hurts himself, those around him and can’t seem to get better
Anything Else: nopeee


I love it, thank you! When I post it I’ll give you credits :slight_smile:


Playlist Form:

Mood: Arrogant, powerful, influential, badass, merciless.

Genres: Indie pop (or almost anything except the ones listed below.)

Genres to avoid: Country, heavy metal, hardcore rock.

Songs to include: “Circus” by Britney Spears. “Bad Girls” by M.I.A. “Castle” by Halsey.

Youtube or Spotify: YouTube

Type of Playlist: Character

Playlist Name: Queen of Savages

Brief Description: The character is a female blonde and 17, running a small, but influential organization within a private school in plain sight. She demands respect from both students and teachers alike, but is notorious for being arrogant, but influential to the student body. She enjoys power and being “ringleader” and the song “Circus” by Britney Spears sums up her character. She thinks everyone is just her pawn for her bigger chess game.

Anything Else: This is not a fake.


@Vexful @DemonixBeauty @RavensofOld @PellinorLover2314 @TheTalonseries I forgot to say this, but you’re all accepted for everything. If I have any questions I’ll contact you, and if you have any feel free to contact me.


I forgot to add that ‘The Shades of Death: H U N T E D’ is the title card


Trailer Form
Book Title: H A U N T E D
Character Names: (and brief personality description) character actually doesn’t know his name, but he’s paranoid and scared and haunted by ghosts. Lots of clips of him crying or shouting in anger/looking confused
Faceclaims: Matthew Daddario from Shadowhunters

I want the beginning of the video to have looking scared, maybe audio of whispering in the start of the video before the audio starts, him crying or closing his eyes. Creepy Whispering for the voice over -

(0:15-0:21, but take out allll clips of the blonde girl, just want the monster) (2:02, hands on window)

(0:26-0:27 slowled down, walking down the stairs) (1:00-1:03 with the sheet, but please clip out all parts with the boys face)

(0:55-1:02, show the part with the coat turning into the monster and him turning on the lights (1:06-1:08 scary faces. This is the one clip that I would LOVE for you to use)

(1:09-1:11, scary girl face)

Book Summary: Matthew Daddario wakes up after dying, and starts being hunted by ghosts and terrifying apparitions who taunt him with whispers and scary visions
Songs: Disturbia by Rihanna, but the male version (or any dark scary song you think fits)
Length: as long as you can make it :slight_smile:
Anything Else: thank you!