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What’s the # of songs you’d like or the range


What’s the # of songs you’d like rhw like least and most you’d want


As many as you can find!


This didn’t really turn out the way I wanted it too, and it’s really different then the one you have above, but here ya gohere andhere


At least 7-15 songs (including the 3 songs I mentioned.) As much as you could find, so you could go pass 15 songs.


Thank you! :blush:




Playlist Form

Mood: hopeful and a little bit of power/action, but sad for the most part.

Genres: hmm, anything except the ones below

Genres to avoid: hardcore metal, hardcore rock

Songs to include: “Dream” by Bishop Briggs, “Wide Eyed” by Billy Lockett, “Brave” by Pearce Riley, and “Yellow” from the Crazy Rich Asians soundtrack

Youtube or Spotify: YouTube

Type of Playlist: Story

Playlist Name: V is for Vow

Brief Description: So, the story is a Marvel original, revolving around a girl Alexis both coming to terms with her father’s death as well as trying to figure out who murdered him. That’s why it’s sad and hopeful, but still powerful XD

Anything Else: For song number, I don’t want to overload you, so if you can do 28, including the ones I gave you that would be great, but you don’t have to if it’s too much, so around 10-15

Thank you so much if you accept!


Playlist Form
Mood: sad, scary, haunted
Genres: alternative
Genres to avoid: country
Songs to include: Some song ideas would be Ghosts by Banners, Haunted by Beyoncé, Ghosts by PVRIS. However if you could find male vocals instead of girl vocals I would appreciate that!
Youtube or Spotify: whichever is fastest?
Number of songs wanted: (feel free to put a range.) as many as you can find? 10? 15? 20?
Type of Playlist: Story Character Relationship Chapter
Playlist Name: (or what info you think I might need to name it) H A U N T E D
Brief Description: (of whatever above) boy wakes up from death, to find that ghosts are haunting him. He feels creeped out and scared, the ghosts always trying to communicate with him and scaring him
Anything Else: I need this by this weekend preferably (the other playlist doesn’t need to be delivered as soon, so feel free to switch this and Addict in the queue! But I really really need it and would appreciate if you could have it ready by Sunday! (Even just a PM with the songs is fine!! I just suck at finding songs)


@Vexful Here (50ish) is your playlist Two Hearts, One Crown and Here (40ish) is your playlist The Betrayer if you’d like me to make graphics for the playlist like this just let me know, and I will pm you the link that makes it where you can add songs to the playlist.


Here (30) is your playlist the addict


@DemonixBeauty @SylviaWolfe @RavensOfOld sorry it’s taking so long I ended up having things to do that I wasn’t expecting, but your playlists will all be done today.


Okay, thank you so much!


@RavensOfOld Here (30ish) is your playlist I will pm you the link yo make you a collaborator. I also made a spotify playlist here ya go.


Thank ya soooo much! Currently traveling with limited WiFi so I can’t listen to any of them, but I wanted to let you know I saw it and I appreciate it so much! Thank ya cutie :black_heart:


Thank you so much! I haven’t listened to it yet, because I’m currently writing a chapter right now, but thank you! I’ll listen to it soon! I definitely approve a lot of these songs :slight_smile:


I know I said that they’d be done today but my phones shit and my laptop is being a bitch. And there was some crying time I didn’t realize would be required lol, but they’ll definitely be done tomorrow.




I wanted to make this longer, but I couldn’t find many more songs, but here’s your playlist


Playlist Form

Mood: Romantic, but sad and hesitant, worried.

Genres: R&B (like Ruelle or any genre that isn’t specified to avoid. Hopefully the songs I mentioned will give you an idea.)

Genres to avoid: Country, rock, heavy metal

Songs to include:
“War of Hearts” by Ruelle
“Love Lies” by Khalid ft. Normani
“Wolves” by Selena Gomez
“The Middle” by Zedd ft. Maren Morris
“Apologize” by OneRepublic

Youtube or Spotify: Youtube

Number of songs wanted: 15-35 songs (or as much as you could find.)

Type of Playlist: Story Character Relationship Chapter

Playlist Name: Don’t Hide It

Brief Description: The relationship is something they both deny the existence of, because of their bad history. It’s like a forbidden romance, but the catch is that the only thing stopping them from being together is themselves and their pride. They find it hard to accept that they have feelings, because they previously have been horrible to one another, so they fear toxicity. One character is insisting that it could work if they tried, but the other is hesitant, doesn’t want to get hurt, and can’t forget the past abuse, even if they had both changed into better people. The song “Love Lies” represents the hesitant behavior to proceed, but also highlights the obvious want for one another. The song “Apologize” represents how one of them is hesitant to get into the relationship, because they were previously used by the other person in the past and how it hurt them. Also, their relationship bloomed when they started becoming each other’s emotional support during tough times, so songs could be used to represent that aspect as well. They comfort one another and offer support when the other is struggling internally.

Do you want to be able to add to playlist: Yes

Anything Else: Concerning the genre, I’m not picky, but I prefer R&B like Ruelle, Billie Eilish, and the gentle rhythm of “Love Lies”, since this is a relationship playlist. As long as the song represents the relationship in some way, the genre doesn’t matter honestly.