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Hey, umm, I never got a response to my request.


thank you!


Sorry, i guess i forgot lol, but you’re acceoted


Mood: dark, melancholic, mysterious
Genres: alternative, some rock, some pop (as long as it’s not upbeat), some R&B (same conditions as pop), indie
Genres to avoid: bubblegum pop, country, anything upbeat
Songs to include: something among the lines of Believer by Imagine Dragons, Thunder by Imagine Dragons, lovely by Billie Eilish, Disturbia by Rihanna, Madhouse by Little Mix (yeah, I think it’s pretty spooky), Ghost by Ella Henderson and/or Let Me Go by Avril Lavigne
Youtube or Spotify: Spotify, please
Number of songs wanted: (feel free to put a range.) 30
Type of Playlist: Story x Character Relationship Chapter
Playlist Name: (or what info you think I might need to name it) The Voice
Brief Description: (of whatever above) the story of 18 guys and girls who, in order to escape a prison-like house, have to tell compelling stories or else a mysterious entity called the Voice will punish them.
Do you want to be able to add to playlist: what do you mean?
Do you want physical graphics: (like this )
Anything Else: the story is posted on @leighyeann


Hey, don’t want to seem like I’m rushing you, but I’m just checking up on how everything is going.


hellllo, just checking in to see how the trailer is coming along?


Playlist form
Mood: romantic, sad, heartbreak
Genres: alternative, punk, rock, pop
Genres to avoid: country, reggae, jazz, opera, classical, rap/ hiphop (Machine Gun Kelly is okay though)
Songs to include: Somebody To You by the vamps, can’t help falling in love by Elvis Presley, Beautiful by Bazzi, Adore you by Miley Cyrus, Church by fall out boy, Stupid for you by waterparks, Heroine by sleeping with sirens, This town by Niall Horan, Like we used to by a rocket to the moon, Back to you and the heart wants what it wants by Selena Gomez, boys by charli xcx, Low by sleeping with sirens, Bad things by Machine Gun Kelly, Want you back by 5 seconds of summer and strawberries and cigarettes by Troye Sivan
YouTube or Spotify: YouTube
Number of songs wanted: 50 (So you only need to find 34 songs I think)
Type of playlist: story
Playlist name: Somebody To You
Brief description: Bradley Simpson has a major crush on his neighbor but is to shy and awkward to talk to him or look him in the eyes until his mother invites his crush Sebastian and his crushes mother over and he’s forced to talk to Sebastian (sorry I only have 3 chapters completed)
Do you want to be able to add to playlist: no
Do you want physical graphics: sure
Anything else: sorry for this being so long