Free Review Part Two 🤩

I will read and review three chapters of your story (published or unpublished). Possibly more, just depends on my motivation and enjoyment :star_struck:

The ONLY requirement is to listen to the song I provide and leave a short one-sentence review in the comments of this thread along with your story:

Keep in mind I will not review your story if you do not include a review of the song. Also, if you’ve used my service before, just make sure to include a different story or different chapters of the same story. I compile all my requests in a reading list that is a little lengthy, so please be patient with me.

If you’re curious why I have such a strange request, my mission of sorts is to get others to try music that’s a bit different then what they might listen to and broaden tastes. I enjoy all types of music and love advocating for less popular artists.

If you need to pm me or wanna check out my work you can here:

I’m totally down to listen! Here’s my story and let me know if you accept it or not! :slight_smile:

Her Little Sister

Ella and her older sister, Gracie find a job together in the same company. Ella is elated to get a position as the CEO’s assistant and is excited about her recent rise in career, however, she doesn’t realize at first the danger that she may find herself in, however, her older sister realizes the danger, but ignores it to be able to keep rising in her career. Meanwhile, Ella becomes friends with Gracie’s ex, feeling a deep connection with him despite his severe first impressions and dark, mysterious past.

I accept all stories, no matter what they are :wink: Also --I’m going to expose myself a little-- but my name is actually Ella, so this should be a fun time to read.

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I have done this with you once before, so I would like for you to review chapters 4-6 this time. I like this song better than the last one, but I really liked the video. I like the dogs mustache!
Here’s my book!
Isaiah’s Story

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Didn’t like the song too much, but I enjoyed the video. I found myself very invested in whether he’d find his doggo.
It’s been three years since Lyra Creighton picked up a stake. She swore never to hunt vampires ever again. But when a stranger finds her in hiding and informs her that her knife was used to murder his brother. Lyra fears she may have to return to her old murderous life. To protect her humanity…Or destroy it.

In a world where vampire blood is highly addictive, the only thing protecting humanity are the hunters, ruled over by the mysterious Council. Lyra Creighton is the daughter of the missing Ex-Council member Harry Creighton. For seven years Lyra was consumed by her search and her vendetta against vampires. Scared of her addiction to vampire blood and the lengths she would take to protect her secret from the Council. Lyra gave up hunting; swearing never to hunt again.

Three years later, she meets Cain. A ‘By-The-Books’ hunter, who informs her that her knife was used to murder his brother. Lyra distrusts this stranger and the community he represents, but she is nevertheless convinced to hunt down his brother’s murderer. Little do they know, the murder is only the beginning. Over the course of their search, Lyra and Cain become embroiled in a string of murderers and a conspiracy that goes deeper than either of them could imagine.

Will they be able to put aside their animosity and differences to solve the mystery? Or will Lyra’s addiction to violence prove too much for Cain to handle?

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The song wasn’t really my cup of tea, but it was interesting to listen to all the same.

The video and story are super cute. Music sounds generic to me but that might be because it’s really not my kind of music.

I recently completed my story, but I don’t seem to be attracting many readers so I would appreciate any thoughts on what works and what doesn’t in the beginning.

Link: Rising Wind


Governance officials want to create a perfect society, and brand Elementals as a threat to that goal. Kal's duty as a soldier is to keep the peace and enforce the rules. But when he encounters a group of young misfits whom he suspects might be Elementals, he can't bring himself to report them. Despite his training and the advice of friends, he decides to help them onto what he believes is the right path - a choice that lands him in more trouble than he bargains for. Kal soon discovers that the perfect veneer of the Governance covers up an ugly and crumbling foundation.
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The song was completely different to what I would normally listen to, but it had a nice tune.

There are zombies walking through the neighbourhood, and, they’re wearing military uniforms.

With nothing left to lose, eleven teenagers decide that they’ve had enough. The government has turned against their people - without a single drop of remorse. Forums point fingers and blame foreigners. The internet comes crashing down.

They leave the safety of their homes for one reason alone; to find answers.

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Hm, do you have another link? This one doesn’t link to a story.

And about the song, the video is cute and the music reminds me of the Kooks (which is good for the most part). :smiley:

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@paleoranges don’t know what happened. Try this one

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Woah! Thanks for the song! I listen to a bunch of genres from rock to pop to indie and I love this. Its sucha cutesy song & video and it’s gonna find a home in my spotify playlist!

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The song is upbeat and lovely! And the animation is really cool and the video is quite an adventure!

I have a short story that might be the perfect length for you! Here it is:

What happens when a death row prisoner and a prostitute fall in love?

Vy is a girl who can see colour, and she’s determined that she’s destined to become a great painter. Her confidence dwindles as she’s subjected to berates from her classmates and her own mother. Struggling with her self-esteem, she crosses path with Truong, the street thug who will come to become a death row prisoner.

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I liked the animation and the short video. Stories about owners and dogs hit me straight in the feels xD However I’d like the song more if it was a bit more upbeat.


blurb: Calytrix is a young witch that just turned 20. As it is customary for all witches of her age, she must leave her home village and explore the world. She journeys to find her own place within it and a purpose, but magic is declining and only a few witches are left.

She sets off on the journey alone, mostly relying only on her book knowledge and magical powers but the journey doesn’t go as she planned. Calytrix meets an unknown mage and makes a magical contract that changes everything. She finds out more facts about her world and one of them is that her world is slowly collapsing in itself.

What should Calytrix do with this new knowledge? Will she discover her true path and be able to help her world before it’s too late?

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I liked the animations in the video and the story-line. It was really cute how he was trying to find the dog. Although the song wasn’t exactly my taste, the beat and the singing were very enjoyable. Overall, it’s a really great song but I would have to be in a certain mood to listen to it.
TITLE: Artifice of Love
SUMMARY: Celine Tierson is less than pleased when her parents send her younger half-brother Elliot to live with her in the city. With false allegations being flung at her at work and an ongoing crush on one of her co-workers, Celine already has her plate more than full.

When Celine and Elliot move to a mysterious town, they can no longer tell what is real from what is fake. Danger lurks beneath the smiles of the citizens of the town.

But what happens when she is introduced to Elliot’s former tutor Jeffrey? And what happens when the leader of the town presents her with a dangerous offer that she cannot refuse. Will Celine change into a person she no longer recognizes, or will she hold on to her values?

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Yes! Glad someone liked it. Boy Pablo has a lot of lighthearted and fun sounding songs.

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I’ll be sure to check the rest of his songs out :))

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I actually enjoyed your song. I loved the animation and I was happy he found his dog at the end. You have a nice voice, so kudos to you for sharing.

I have two stories, you can choose either one. Thanks

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The song was a little too upbeat for my tastes. I’m more into calmer sadder songs. The animation was pretty good. The effort gone into it…
Username: @Shadow_wonder
Story name: Morana
Link to story:

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Hey, I actually thought the song was alright. It’s not something I would listen to on repeat, but tbh it was pretty good and not the thing I normally listen to. The video was also really cool.

So, I have a draft of a first chapter that hasn’t been published yet. It’s going to be part 1 of 5 of a short novella I’m going to write. It’s gonna be kinda dystopia, with a bit a romance thrown in there and it’s at Christmas time (I hope to publish it at some point near Christmas). I just need some opinions on it. Like is it too slow, too unclear, boring, not enough description? All that stuff.

I can send it to you via pm, email, or anything that works for you really.

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