Free service!!!

Hi guys

I’m free for now and I’m offering some service. Please if you are interested.

My service are👇
Making book cover; you can check out my book cover on my wattpad stories, if you are interested.

Will you make me a book cover?

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Hello there!

It seems that your thread is more fitting for the #story-services:covers-and-graphics. I am going to move your thread there. Please remember that vote trading, including giving votes as a part of a service, is not allowed on Wattpad. Also if you want to offer reads with feedback service (not just reads), you can offer it in #story-services:critiques-and-feedback section. I’m going to edit your post.

Thank you for understanding!


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How do I request?



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Just PM on wattpad and fill the form

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okay thx, where is the form?

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PM me on wattpad and fill the form

I’ve a book cover shop on my profile on wattpad. Check it out

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I’d love someone to do a cover for me for some of my books, would anyone be willing to help me :smile:. I would love it very much <3

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Dm me

Dm’ed to privately :wink:

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Will check now

ok hi guys

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Hi, Im in need of book cover and would greatly appreciate some assistance.

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Please PM me on wattpad

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