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I will be offering threads and trailers right now.

My examples are very old because I left Wattpad for a long while, but Here are my trailers and I’ll post some threads below. I also lost a lot of my threads when they transferred to this new site forever ago :frowning:

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SuchithraBV / post 6+12 / Trailer
Haruka547 / post 11 / Trailer
ilike2write / post 17 / Trailer



Title: Elemental Marked

Author: Vaishnavee

Book Cover:

Music: Faded and 7 rings (use both of u can u use only one)

Other: thanks

I need the other information in order to make a trailer for you.

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Okay what do you want

The form posted needs to be filled out completely… This form:


Title: text here

Subtitle: text here

Author: text here

Book Cover: text here

Text: text here

Actors/Actresses and Characters: text here

Clips: text here

Music: text here

Other: text here



Title: Maliana And The Enchanted World
Subtitle: Maliana’s Magical World
Author: Patsy Derrell
Book Cover:

Text: From Wattpad Home Entertainment, Comes the story of a young Hawaiian-American girl who’s transported to a magical world full of magical creatures. Along the way, She meets Serene(A Kind hearted yet strong Pegasus), Mia(An angel), And Sarah(A strong and caring Valkyrie), Together, they have to stop the seductively wicked Incubus Jareth from luring all of the creatures.

Actors/Actresses And Characters:

Auli’i Cravalho - Maliana
Gracie Weldon - Mia The Angel
Demi Moore - Sarah The Valkyrie
Tara Strong - Serene The Pegasus
John Partridge - Jareth The Incubus


Music: Willow’s Theme or Conan The Barbarian Theme

Other: I respect you if you accept or deny me. I will complete the payment even if you deny me.

Title: Elemental Marked

Author: Vaishnavee

Book Cover:

Text: From Wattpad! The story is about Young woman who is a half elemental and half demon. Her father, king of hell [lucifer] is who she is messing with

Actors/Actresses and Characters: Hailey Baldwin, and hero idk

Clips: I don’t have any

Music: Poker face

I’ll give it a try :slight_smile:

I’ll try, but it may be difficult with the little information that you have given me

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Amazing :heart_eyes:


  1. Trailers

  2. Title: Those Blue Eyes

  3. Subtitle: the girl in the shadows

  4. Author: Heena Patwa

  5. Book Cover:

  6. Text: She is not ALONE, she is not INNOCENT, she is not SCARED. She is DANGEROUS. She is a LIAR. Is she PREGNANT? She is here for revenge. She is here for justice. She is here to hunt the wolves.

  7. Actors/Actresses and Characters: MC, Elizabeth- Blue eyes, tall lean figure female, red hair
    Love Interest- Chef Peter, hazel eyes, curly copper hair male
    Other characters- Matt- Tall gun happy guy (sean penn from state of grace)
    Linda- asian woman on automatic wheelchair,
    Shirley-black woman with curly hair and cigarette,
    Mick-short menancing guy,
    Xander- tall muscular woman tied to a chair,
    Alfred Lupe aka Alpha Wolf -old fat mafia

  8. Clips

( ( ),(
(Heroin1 Heroin )


( (
( (0:05 to 0:18)

  1. Music: wolves by selena gomez

  2. Other: This is a trailer that I had made earlier to give you a general idea. It is very shabby though as my song was not in line with the trailer.

I’ll give it a try :slight_smile:

Thnak you

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