Hi everyone! My name is Tiffany. This is a temporary pop-up shop since I’m just getting back from a long hiatus. I will be offering free simple and minimal covers only. Be sure to read the rules before you request. If you have any questions, feel free to ask!



  • Only request when requests are open. The cover is completely free, but a read on my story, A Handful of Sugar (Rewritten) would be greatly appreciated.

  • Please credit within 24 hours of receiving your cover if you decide to use it in your story description (unless it’s not published yet). I will check.

  • I reserve the right to deny your request without an explanation. Most of the time it’s because I don’t have any inspiration.

  • Thread hopping is fine. Just be sure the other designer is alright with it.

  • Please be patient and polite. Expect up to about 3 days worth of waiting depending on how many requests I get or how much work I have in life.

  • I will only redo your cover if it’s a mistake on my part so be sure to double check your form. However, you can request minor changes (text placement, font change, color scheme, etc).


Minimal [ ] | Simple [ ]
Subtitle (optional): TEXT HERE
Summary (1-3 sentences): TEXT HERE
Ideas/Images/Mood: TEXT HERE
Anything else? TEXT HERE

Extra Info

  • Feel free to provide inspo graphics in your form such as a cover/image that you like. This can really help me determine the mood that you’re envisioning.
  • If you like one of my older covers, feel free to refer to them in your request. You can say something as simple as wanting your text in a similar style or whatever catches your eye.
  • TIP: Save your cover as a png to ensure the quality.


Minimal | Simple :heavy_check_mark:
Title: Colors
Author: phoenixheartsss
Subtitle (optional): none
Genre: romance
Summary (1-3 sentences): Scarlett Mae Daniels - your average outgoing sixteen-year-old back in California, fast-forward to the move to New York. The city she hardly recognizes becomes her second home, new school, new friends, new loves - all while trying to help her twin siblings and trying to find herself in the city that never sleeps. CHUCK BASS / OC
Ideas/Images/Mood: OC Holland Roden. Chuck Bass, takes place in NYC. Winter/Summer mood.
Anything else? none.


@phoenixheartsss I’m really sorry, but denied. But good luck on finding a cover! c:




Title: Saving Arizona
Author: Sky Arnold
Story: The story follows a high school senior who is struggling with her battle with cancer. But a kind boy she meets by chance helps to make the road smoother.
Genre: romance/teen fiction
People: Holland Roden (but any picture with a ginger girl will do)
Ideas: Something in a hospital room, or with that vibe.
Mood: Dark, as the story is sad.

Let me know what you think! Thanks for your time!


@SkyArnold accepted!



@SkyArnold I hope you like it! Please let me know if you're going to be using the cover. Thanks for requesting! <3
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Awesome, thank you so much! I’m not sure which cover I’m using yet, but this is definitely on my list of possibilities.
Sky Arnold


Minimal | Simple (honestly don’t know the difference?)
Title: The Darkling
Author: Rose
Subtitle (optional):
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Summary (1-3 sentences): Dark coven leader who who rules the witches
Ideas/Images/Mood: I want something using this!! But maybe making the background dark, creepy vibes?
Anything else? Thank you for considering


@darklinglimmer I’m really sorry, but denied. But good luck on finding a cover! c:


thank you :slight_smile:




Thank you in advance :smile: Your covers are beautiful :blush:


@KateAnnee accepted!


Minimal | Simple
Title: The Proust Phenomenon
Author: Keyer17
Subtitle (optional): none
Genre: Murder Mystery/Crime novel
Summary (1-3 sentences): The gruesome murder of a cosmetics chemist sends Detective Aubrey Graham on a whirlwind searchto find her killer.
Ideas/Images/Mood: CAST: 1) Drake as Det. Aubrey Graham (2) Christina Hendricks 3) Vin Diesel
Anything else? Thanks in advance! I hope you pick me :slight_smile:


@Keyer17 Hi! Do you have anymore ideas? If you don’t, do you mind if I take my own spin on it? Also, would you like the cover to be minimal or simple?


Minimal | Simple
Title: Stay
Author: Arika Lowe
Subtitle (optional): n/a
Genre: teen fiction
Summary (1-3 sentences): Clara Martin has everything she doesn’t want. Popularity, money, friends, and two parents who don’t seem to really care for her.

Noah Friar is a bad boy artist and adrenaline junky, who wants everything and has nothing. An absent father, a mother who sleeps around, and an ill sister.

When the two cross paths, they’ll find out that they’re not so different.

Secrets will be spilled, and love will be lost. They’ve found each other, and they wont let anyone tear them apart.

( it’s a work in progress lmao)

Ideas/Images/Mood: alright, sooo I think my idea is pretty simple, and maybe overused? Anyways, i’d Just like a close up shot of a blonde girl.

image image image image
Anything else? Thank you for your time!


@coconut-waterrr accepted!


thank you!!



@KateAnnee I hope you like it! Please let me know if you're going to be using the cover. Thanks for requesting! <3
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