Title: My special Kind of Crazy
Author: Flic Jayne
Genre: Romance
Summary: Lexi has to provide food and a roof over her and her little sisters due to her parents death a year ago. She believes in everyone having a Mr Right somewhere in this crazy world. One day she is serving a customer who turns out to be her Mr Right. After a year of crazy adventures, some she would rather not do again Mr Right wants their relationship to go that one step further.
**Ideas/mood:**The mood would be Warm and Cosy and maybe a girl dancing in her lounge room with the furniture moved out of the way
If there is any suggestions that you think could make it better please throw them at me!!


@ArtDrawingLover accepted!


Thank you in advance! I’m in love with your covers :smile:


Minimal | Simple [ X ]
Title: Coffee & Love Letters
Author: Liv Landis
Subtitle (optional): N/A
Genre: Teen Fiction/Romance
Summary (1-3 sentences): Aiden & Valerie used to date during the summer, but Aiden broke up with her and moved to college. Though he’s still in love with her, Aiden begins writing letters to Val at their favorite coffee place, hoping she’ll respond. One day, after numerous letters, Val responds and confesses that she’s still in love with him too.
Ideas/Images/Mood: The mood is light, happy. As for image ideas, I’m thinking just a cup of coffee, or a girl/boy in a coffee shop. It’s pretty simple, I have some images for you to get inspo from. ( )
Anything else? Thank you in advance if you accept c: Your covers are gorgeous.


OMG :heart_eyes: so cute, I’ll be sure to let you know if I end up using it!!!


@KateAnnee @Overcast_Days accepted!


Minimal | Simple
Title: Never Ending Circles
Author: FieldOfInnocence (if that’s too long you can use Tan)
Subtitle (optional): None
Genre: Teen Mystery
Summary (1-3 sentences): Following the sudden loss of her mother, Violet Oakman has no choice but to move in with her distant grandparents and attend the exclusive Wendell Academy. Determined to make the best of her new situation, Violet plans to keep her head down and avoid trouble at all costs. But trouble seems to find her, regardless.
Ideas/Images/Mood: Any photo of a girl would do, really, like most covers these days. I’d like a sad mood please. I give you creative control to just go with your gut instinct haha
Anything else? Honestly, thank you so much


@FieldOfInnocence accepted!



@KateAnnee I hope you like it! Please let me know if you're going to be using the cover. Thanks for requesting! <3
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This is amazing! Thank you so much I love it and I’m definitely going to use it :smile: Thanks again!



@Overcast_Days I hope you like it! Please let me know if you're going to be using the cover. Thanks for requesting! <3
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Oh my god it’s perfect, thank you so much. <3


Am I able to request another?


@Overcast_Days of course!


Minimal [ x] | Simple [x ] (either is fine)
Title: This Is Life
Author: J. Krabb
Subtitle (optional): (WITH the quotation marks, please) “You aren’t alone.”
Genre: contemporary/general fiction/coming of age
Summary (1-3 sentences): Its basically a story of a young girl growing up and having all of her firsts. First period, first boyfriend, first kiss, first time going to a party, first time falling in love, first time having sex, first time etc.
Ideas/Images/Mood: not really a specific image, just a feeling of calmness? I have a different cover for it that no longer fits the exact storyline, but its just a monochromatic (blue) close-up line map. so maybe something like two-five light colors in smoke/bed sheets/mirror/ anything you feel might signify a coming of age type theme. I’m pretty open, honestly. Feel free to take your own spin on it! You’re the artist!
Anything else? Not really! Have fun with it if you choose to make it! Thank you for taking the time to review my request!


@Barrel_Racing_Sorrel accepted!


eek! thank you!



Minimal | Simple [ X ]
Title: Panic
Author: Liv Landis
Subtitle (optional): N/A
Genre: Teen Fiction/Romance
Summary (1-3 sentences): The main character Grace is left by her best friend/soulmate when he decides to run away without giving her a reason. Crushed and heartbroken that she is alone, Grace falls into a dark depression where she cuts everyone out of her life, wanting to spend her time with only Tom- and if not with Tom, then alone. But what happens when Tom shows up out of the blue one night?
Ideas/Images/Mood: The mood is sad and heavy. As for ideas, a girl alone in the forest would work perfectly, cause that’s pretty much the scene in where Tom leaves Grace and it kinda is the whole center for the story itself. Or just a girl by herself anywhere. I have pictures for you for inspo ^0^ ( )
Anything else? Thank you for letting me request again, I really loved the last cover you did. <3 Plus I’m in the middle of rewriting all of my books and my covers are out of date since I changed my username lol.


@Overcast_Days accepted! And I’m really glad you liked the other cover! <3