@MoonlightHunter31 Hi! Would you like the dress to be a traditional Indian one? Or should I do whatever I see fits?


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Title: Silent Storm
Author: Kylie Marie
Subtitle (optional): The worst storms are the ones hidden inside
Genre: Teen Fiction
Summary (1-3 sentences): This is about a quiet and damaged girl and a damaged boy that hides it. They are collage students the boy is social but only has one true friend. The girl Baron has only a hand full of people she talks to. It is about their troubles and finding refuge in each other.
Ideas/Images/Mood: This is a romance, the girl MC is a ginger, Francisco Lachowski , the original cover (my username changed)
I did the original cover on a cliff by the ocean as kind of the storm part I guess but it does not matter. I did like the blue black theme though
Anything else?
Thank you for at least considering!


@Kylie_Marie26 Hi! Do you have anymore ideas other than the character descriptions and cast? What kind of mood are you going for? What type of image would you like?


I don’t have much I kind of like the ocean theme I don’t mind if it is like the first over and only having the silhouettes. The mood is loving but it can be lonely, happy. The image could be what you think goes well with the story. Projection to people enticed with each other like that is there world.


@Kylie_Marie26 okay thanks! And accepted!


Thank You! And I was looking at some of your others and you are really good. I just read the description to your book and it sounds good so I’m going to read it anyways Thank you!


@Kylie_Marie26 That’s so sweet! <3 Thank you! And your cover should be done sometime tmr :blush:


Okay, you welcome and it is a good book from what I’ve read. You are awesome.


I’d prefer an English dress, just because the main character tires distancing herself from her heritage. However, in the event that you can’t find something like that, a traditional Indian one could work as well.


@MoonlightHunter31 Accepted! I think I’ll give this a try c:



@Kylie_Marie26 I hope you like it! I made one with the subtitle and one without so feel free to choose. Please let me know if you're going to be using the cover. Thanks for requesting! <3
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THANK YOU! This is amazing I’m definitely using it.



@MoonlightHunter31 I hope you like it! (I'm sorry it's not exactly what you're looking for) Please let me know if you're going to be using the cover. Thanks for requesting! <3
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Thank you so much, and yes I’ll be using it.


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Title: Floating in the Dark
Author: KurokageJS
Subtitle (optional):
Genre: fanfiction
Summary (1-3 sentences): Alex Rider pulled the trigger and actually killed Mrs Jones. Now he has no option but to turn to the evil organization Scorpia for help. By the time he realizes the truth, it’s far too late for him to turn back. Or so he thinks…
Ideas/Images/Mood: gloomy mood. Shades of gray. If an image, maybe a bullet hole in glass.
Anything else? nope. I’m good with whatever you think works best


@KurokageJS accepted!


Minimal | Simple
**Title: His False Identity
**Author: Ana C.
**Subtitle (optional): N/A
**Genre: Mystery
**Summary (1-3 sentences): What if someone said that your whole life was a complete lie? Or what if it was a cover up for something far more dangerous? 19 year old Alexei Cortes had lived his life in a lie, finding out about a dark secret and being in a family that was not his.
**Ideas/Images/Mood: the mood is a bit mysterious and is it okay that I send the images via pm? I can’t post it here
**Anything else?: nope, if you won’t be able to do it then its okay c:


@a-standall Feel free to send the pictures via pm. I’ll decide whether or not I’ll accept your request after seeing them c:


Minimal | Simple
Title: Addiction
Author: J.J. Pierce
Subtitle (optional): It isn’t something you look for (Subtitle really isn’t necessary)
Genre: Werewolf and Teen Fiction
Summary (1-3 sentences): Abused teen escapes bad situation and ends up in town where her dead cousin was from. Ends up being mates with future alpha who is hot boy in school. Mysteries surrounding cousin, etc.
Ideas/Images/Mood: Mysterious, not super happy or light, I have some pictures! Honestly I was on hiatus too (for like 4 years) so I forgot what sites to look for pictures so if you could tell me that would be amazing!!! Here are some potential pictures, its a blonde girl (cailin russo) and brunette guy who is a werewolf
cailin3-682x1024 KA6YMFd0yUv7JG51Qxw7_1082120021 large%20(1) large
Anything else? Of course I will read your story if you make me a cover! Thank you so so much!


@_torch I’ve sent the images c: